Why am I hanging with Fergie?

It has been a long time dream of mine to help as many people as possible by increasing their consciousness and relationship with food … and I feel like my dreams are coming true! Thank you for your continuous support, special thanks to Randy Argue (the Producer of Feeding Obesity) for introducing me to Fergie.

Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, recently lost 28 pounds by eating whole foods and exercising. In the past, she has been a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and has yo-yo dieted a few times since then.

I recently got to meet her in Santa Monica during an interview where she mentioned what inspired her to lose the weight this time.

I went up to the mountains, ate whole foods, smoothies, juices, and I ran every day. That’s how I got fit. I may have lost 30lbs, but I want to help combat global obesity. I want to really get into America and support young children who need to be educated about the future.

There are a variety of factors that cause people to yo-yo diet, become obese, confused and overwhelmed with what to do or not do. You are not alone. We all tend to fluctuate throughout our lives from stress, traumas, relationships, environment, hormones, quality of food, and just being human. When these things happen, you need to take deep breaths, be kind to yourself, recalibrate what may have worked for you in the past, and start simply in the present moment. What may have worked for you, may not now, your body changes and we have to stay on top of this.

The two main components for a successful and balanced life with food are:

  1. Your relationship with your body and food: You can give someone the “perfect” diet, and parts of their personality, habits, negative thoughts and stress will sabotage them. Be cautious of your mind set. The “all or none” mind set needs to be thrown out the window when we relate to food. Control is the same as fear. What are you afraid of? Food is innocent, and when you are aligned with your bodies needs you will nourish properly in the present moment. I trust you.
  2. The quality of whole foods and how your body assimilates it to energy: You can give someone the “perfect” diet and if their body is not functioning properly to utilize the food and nutrients correctly they will not reach their goals. Just like giving a car the correct fuel, however you didn’t tune up the engine first.

The Conscious Nutrition Coaching Program begins by designing a customized report that uses your body type on how many Macronutrients your body needs to thrive.  Instead of relying on a just a point system, like Weight Watchers, we want you to dive a bit deeper. We use your BMR, your lifestyle, ideal day in the life of you, understanding the systems of your body, along with your personality traits to design a foundational coaching program for you.

We are here for you through all the ups & downs. When you are a client you will receive two of our favorite (Jump Start & RESET) programs complementary almost every month of the year, so you never have to worry.

If you are a returning client, thank you, you can bypass the $197 introductory fee and choose which program feels good for you. You can switch and discontinue programs at any time.

So blessed & honored to be a part of your nourishing journey,

Heather Fleming


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