Hallow Ween equals Hallow Food

Our food source is becoming Hallow, and we are on the brink of celebrating Halloween again.  I know I am not an all or none person, but I have not resonating with Halloween for the past 9 years since I moved to California.

Back in Nebraska, Halloween was about the weather change, running outside in the dark, having a FEW pieces of candy (ok, maybe I was a nerdy kid already), and connecting with the moon and nature. In California, there is a different energy to it and I am not feeling it.  I was at a conference yesterday John Esterling of Amazon Herb Company used the word Hallow to describe our nutrition in our food.

Most Americans are experiencing stress from the economy, health, and environment, however we can go and buy candy for kids! My suggestion of doing something different is having a Healthy Halloween with DARK chocolate, apples, root vegetables, and celebrate the changing of a season and a change to what is important to us.

Maybe we can even make our own candy, or go to a apple farm and pick our own apples, now that is a treat!

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