What do gummy bears and carrot juice have in common?

There have been heaps of people and clients around me craving gummy bears. I missed this BIG craving in the Conscious Nutrition’s Follow Your Cravings Free Guide Book.  Is it the sugar?  The sour? The texture? All of the above?

My new client was one of the main people to bring this gummy craving phenomenon to my awareness. She was put on diets at the young age of 8. So, when we began working together, I didn’t want her to feel restricted and tell her NO for anything. She had a lifetime of this and that experience did not support her to connect with her body all of these years. Instead, we just began adding in amazing foods to support her blood sugar and stress hormones. She was experiencing sugar cravings twice a day, and instead of focusing on me just saying “no sugar”, we kept gradually adding in more nutrients. By week two, one day she chose carrot juice instead of gummy bears. It blew my mind. She naturally went to the carrot juice, another sweet and cold item instead of the quick fix gummy bear. Just think how it would have been received, if I would have told her on day one that she would no longer want as many gummy bears and would chose carrot juice. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to happen so fast and I do not think I could have come up with the carrot juice idea, she did!!

Her nervous system needed to feel supported and the vitamins in the carrot juice offered her the true nourishment. Some of you may be judging that carrot juice is too full of sugar. I am going to completely stand by carrot juice vs. gummy bears any day, and I totally believe in her body knowing what her next steps are.

The all or none approach does not work for many of us. Some of you may have amazing discipline, and one day wake up and never eat sugar again. Elizabeth Gilbert calls this personality type “Jackhammer” in her Super Soul Sessions Talk. A jackhammer can see their purpose clearly and will not let anything get in its way, and put all of their energy into achieving it. Then there is another type of personality called “Hummingbird”. This personality type is a bit more curious and may not like to just put their nose to the grindstone. A hummingbird wants to feel and experience more variety, and may tend to have more emotions around eating. (ME!!!!) Anyone else? I sense we all may need a combination of these two options, or even another one that supports you. (more information regarding these ideas to come in future blogs)

Physically, we know when you eat sugar, your energy level increases and the insulin in your blood rises sharply. This insulin allows a chemical called tryptophan to enter your brain and release a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good chemical that gives an overall sense of well-being.

Emotionally, we can link sugar to our childhood or other special events throughout our life times. Some information out there regarding gummy cravings mention that this craving could be link to a lack of self security. I found this interesting and thought of when people are stressed they tend to grind their teeth, which is a similar sensation to chewing those gummy bears.

Also, there is the sour taste. Chinese Medicine associates the sour craving with calming the body. Each of the five flavors are associated with an organ, and sour is associated with the liver. Our liver is the 2nd largest organ (skin is the largest) and is the organ that dominates emotions. Both of these concepts link back to what is going on emotionally as well as stress in the body.

What to do when you have a strong gummy & sour craving comes up?

  1. Add in vinegar: Add either dark or apple cider vinegars to your cooking or make a healthy soda. Recipe: 1 T Apple cider vinegar, 6 oz of sparkling water, 1 T lime juice.
  2. Add in chromium rich foods: Such as grapes, sweet potatoes and broccoli.
  3. Add in JOURNALING: This is a new kind of journaling. Everyday there are times in your day that your habits may not be supporting you. Insanity is approaching a problem with the same consciousness that created it. So approach this journaling by noticing your self-talk and observe what emotions are taking over your mind set. Note the times you are having your most intense cravings. Could you have added in more support an hour prior? Such as a healthy snack or adequate hydration. Check out our new programs to support your journaling journey.
  4. Add in fermented foods: Give Kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut a try. My personal favorite time to add in fermented veggies is when I am not that hungry is as a snack between meals. Also, when you want light meal with a quality protein, try fish and kimchi, it is one of my personal standbys.
  5. Have a cold and sweet option in your fridge: Try the carrot juice, other veggie juices, cold grapes or have some chia seed pudding handy for your nervous system to feel supported when stress levels flare up.

Stay curious regarding your cravings, do not judge them, just observe and keep learning,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N



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