Great-Tasting Healthy Bars

I am a bar-a-holic. I have bars packed in my purse and car at all times. Yes, sometimes I would rather have a home cooked (or raw) meal, however a healthy lifestyle on the go has some obstacles, so might as well make them tasty.

This bar is my recommendation to introduce people to the bar world. The number one way to choose a bar is by taste, and the next is the first ingredient on the label. The first item listed is the primary ingredient of the recipe. I recommend a nut or seed to be the first ingredient especially over a sweetener.

If you are conditioned to focus on calories and fat grams, you could be freaking out right now by looking at this label. This is the other component to review. Make sure your bars are balanced between Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein grams. Some bars are high in carbohydrates, leaving you hungry and bloated. “Low Fat” is out to date and healthy fat is where it is at. Calories and sugars are relative depending on the source. As for sugars, the best options include dates, organic honey, and organic maple syrup or molasses. High calorie and nutritious foods such as honey, nuts and avocados are essential for optimal wellness.

If you are sensitive to nuts, especially almonds and peanuts try these other bars: Good on Ya Bar has Brazil nuts or Maui Peace Bar is nut free!

Happy Snacking & Make it a great day,
Heather Fleming

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