Gluten Freedom

Gluten free information and products are buzzing and have become more available recently. Is gluten the culprit?

This is a great question! One of the easiest ways for a health practitioner to offer quick symptomatic relief to their patients is to eliminate wheat and dairy. These foods are both hard to digest and most people don’t digest as well as they did in their early twenties. So does just avoiding these foods fix the problem?

Now some people think wheat and gluten are on the list of “bad foods”…Is this true?

• No, I don’t think wheat and gluten are “bad”.

• Yes, gluten is a hard-to-digest protein that can cause digestive symptoms if the digestive tract is in a weakened state.

• Yes, it has a high Glycemic index which can spike blood sugar and leave you feeling sluggish, especially if you don’t have high enough digestive juices and fire.

Boosting the health of your digestive tract is the answer. Gluten should be completely broken down in the stomach by strong digestive acid. The real problem is that the food isn’t broken down properly and it passes into the small intestine undigested where is spikes blood sugar, acts as a digestive irritant, and then is “bad”.

Gluten should never see the villi of the small intestine. Villi are the hairlike structures that protects the lining of the intestinal tract. If it flattens down it causes leaky gut syndrome. Which doesn’t make anyone’s stomach happy.

Wheat has been around for thousands of years, it isn’t just pesticides and the quality of our grain sources, it is the compromised health of our bodies. So, do you skip the fresh baked bread at a French restaurant? It depends. If you are experiencing stomach discomfort, then yes. If you have been on a digestive support program and have eliminated many of your symptoms and ran 5 miles, biked or had a yoga class, then heck yes! Add olive oil, organic butter or Ghee & ENJOY!

I was personally highly sensitive to wheat for many years. After supporting my gut to become happy & healthy, I enjoy wheat and trust myself to know WHEN to implement it into my life.

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Be free,
Heather Fleming

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