Get Happy Then Eat

I was enjoying on of my favorite books last evening, when I reread this quote, “Get happy then eat, do not eat your way to happiness”.  This excerpt is from a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, regading the laws of attracting health, wealth and happiness.

What a simple concept.  How would the food digest differently if we stop and take a moment before we choose our food or sit down for a meal and “say grace” like our grandmother’s taught us.  We are involved in a state of contant stress of what we need to do next.  Food is to nourish us and not fulfill a void.

I have noticed that some of my clients were eating snacks or meals because of habit or schedule and not because of actual hunger.  After a few weeks of recognizing this they stopped feeding their blood sugar and started feeding their bodies.

Food can provide us bliss, great memories, and experiences, however if it is the main thing that we focus on there are other missing links in our lives.

Eat, drink and be happy, that is the goal before we pick up a fork!

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