What's Your Food Relationship Type?

8 Solutions to End the Most Common Causes of Bloating

8 Solutions to End the Most Common Causes of Bloating
  • Do you consistently feel bloated after you eat?
  • Are you hesitating to eat because you are scared to feel horrible for the rest of the day?
  • Does your stomach hurt so bad you have to miss appointments or skip meals?

    Feel Your Meal Process

    The Conscious Nutrition Feel Your Meal process is a great tool to help you meal plan with more ease. In 3-easy steps, we can reduce nutrition confusion. 

    1. Feel
    2. Meal 
    3. Heal 

    Are You Ready?

    • To transform your complicated, fearful or love/hate approach toward your relationship with nutrition and food?
    • To be able to socialize with friends and not worry if you ate too many points, or fell off of your program?
    • To interpret your cravings versus judging and denying them.
    • To be able to end worrying and obsessing about what to eat

      We are so excited to share Conscious Nutrition’s Food Tree.

      The Food Tree is a labor of love that was created from all the different books, classes and mentorships. I started to sense a theme and realized we could make the meal planning process a visual! The Food Tree was born.

        Recipe Taster

        • Great recipes from the Conscious Nutrition program
        • How to meal plan in a whole new way!
        • Recipes that satiate your taste buds and cravings
        • How to create meals by following your own instincts
        • Download these FREE recipes and get a taste of the Conscious Nutrition philosophy.
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