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I have heard mixed reviews about Dr. Oz’s recent 2 day Cleanse. Some people enjoyed it immensely while others were left feeling imbalanced.

Any time you shift your focus back to your nutrition, it is ALWAYS a great program. Isn’t it interesting that when we get stressed, our health and self care program is what goes on the back burner. Without your health, how can you be a good mother, partner, pay your bills, or contribute to society?

In the honor of re-focusing and spring, I would love to offer Conscious Nutrition’s Jumpstart Program complimentary for the month of May. This program is a 3 day plan to give your body 72 hours of nourishment. It isn’t a FAST or cleanse, however a plan to support your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to enhance organ function and muscle mass. Also, it is taking out the foods that can cause inflammation and stress.

If you can NOT quit your coffee, that is ok, you can still reap the benefits of the program. Plus, quitting coffee or caffeine cold turkey is not recommended by Conscious Nutrition, it will make you unconscious.

The Jumpstart program is ideal to do 3 days in a row. However, this program is meant to support you and NOT add any more stress. If you have challenges, try doing any 3 days of the week.

Please email us @ with Subject Line: Jumpstart Program PLEASE.

What do you do after the 3 days? Conscious Nutrition has a customized report based on YOUR body (using your Height, Weight, Age, Body Type) with a 30 day meal planning program. To begin this program and FINALLY know what to eat, add your interest in the email and we will send you are simple intake form to begin your nutrition journey.

Have a great day,
Heather Fleming
P.S. I will be interview tonight @ 7pm(PST) Ask me ANYTHING:) “RADIO SHOW”

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