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Why is it difficult to follow a strict diet or program for a long period of time?

Because you are NOT suppose to!

How many extreme diets have you tried? 

At first they may have felt great and you achieved your desired results. But then a few weeks or months later you started to “slip.” 

You noticed…

Weight around your abdomen coming back

Your energy levels started to drop 

Intense cravings came back with a vengeance  

Some of us can follow the rules to a T. Others of us may REBEL. 

I personally am a little of both:) 

These controlling programs do not address the main underlying issues. 

And your approach to shifting your habits may be causing you more stress. 


When you first sign up for a program, you are curious and open. Thus, you are present, your emotions are calm and you have managed your expectations. You see results, feel great. 


You decide you need more…

  1. Structure
  2. Accountability
  3. Restriction
  4. Deprivation
  5. New friends:)
  6. The next new extreme plan

Instead, what you need is…

  • Freedom FROM Obsession
  • More confidence in your body
  • Understanding how your emotions are linked to your symptoms and cravings
  • Relaxing your mind and interpreting your body’s subtle messages is giving you EVERY DAY! 
  • Happy humans can fluctuate in weight. 
  • What ELSE is going on in your life that you feel out of control, rebellious or lack of freedom? 

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behind once and for all!

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