Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities

Gluten sensitive, Lactose intolerant, Celiac, Peanut allergy, and the list goes on. The MAIN reason all of these “dis-eases” are becoming wide spread is each individual’s body has a compromised immune system, their diet is lacking macronutrients and their digestive tract has malabsorption issues.

Of course, eliminating foods that cause the stress is a simple treatment. However, telling someone they can NEVER have wheat again is not a easy way to live. Human nature and restriction DO NOT go together. Also, a restrictive mindset and diet is challenging in our society. If you decide to be restrictive, just remember do NOT stress over it. Stress alone is the biggest cause for disease and is what makes the immune system compromised in the first place.

I personally was gluten intolerant for a period of time. I now eat gluten. It is not part of my “daily” diet, however if someone brings me over a piece of carrot cake, I AM IN! (hint hint)

To begin the healing process, I highly recommend to visit a specialist and begin a nutrition supplement protocol and food upgrade plan. In the meantime, watch this video and smile.

My dear friend shared this video with me & I am still laughing.

Allergy Pride Parade

Have a wonderful weekend!
Heather Fleming

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  1. I’m making carrot cake in two weeks for a birthday. I’ll save you a piece. You know I make the best carrot cake of all time.