Focus more on the process than on the goal.


How do Olympic athletes do it? Everyday they get up and have this major goal to work toward and in four years it will be over. ​To achieve such an amazing goal, you need structure to help you get there. This type of structure is best supported when you have a leader or seasoned team that helps you navigate. Discernment DURING the journey is how you get to the finish line! 

The athletes have a “structure” they follow, however…

  • If there resting heart rate is too high in the morning, they take the day off! ​This can lead to the body being overtrained and more susceptible to injury. 
  • If they are experiencing inflammation, they do an easier work out that day and PUT OFF their hard work out
  • If they are feeling super great, they switch up their routine to do a more intensive session. That is the day you book your favorite movement session and rock the house! 
  • If they feel dehydrated, they shift their work out time to a later time to re-hydrate first. Pinch your skin on your hand to test your hydration before you force yourself to work out hard. This is key for you anytime of the day. 
  • If they drank too much wine the night before, the take the day off. Oh wait, I think this is mine:)

I have had about four emails this week regarding if my program will be the magic equation for weight loss. Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that you will..

  • RELEASE inflammation: This is so necessary for your health and the first step BEFORE you even think about releasing weight.
  • Have heaps of A-ha moments that totally resonate with your entire being and not just about the quick fix. 
  • Become the expert of how you choose meals that are right for you in the moment. 
  • Have way less obsession, guilt and confusion over what is the “right” way to eat. 
  • Save heaps of time at the grocery store.
  • Release mental exhaustion from over working your brain on your food focus. 
  • Have a safer and more supportive relationship with how you use food to FILL your feelings. 

Dieting has OVER Stressed us and if there was “one” it would have solved weight issues. That is not where I want my peeps to be hypervigilant and focused on. Your body is WAY smarter than the two of us put together and we just need to shut up and learn to listen, just like the athletes do and PRACTICE everyday. 

In the past, the diet program you did may have worked for you and that is great and wanting to release weight is NOT a crime. However, review what happened to you during your journey why and when it stopped working for you? 

Did you have major stress in your life and forgot to check into your body to take the day off and you pushed through? Did you get off track because something or someone else in your life took precedent? You are human! We all need to think, practice and CONNECT to our bodies and be the olympic athlete in our life. 

If you are ready to work WITH your body and your Food Relationship Type, I am so excited to guide you. If you would like to see if this process is aligned with you, head to my calendar and set up a time to chat with me!…

You will have access to the contents and the program for ONE YEAR! The content is shaping up to look like a great workbook that you can print out as a binder to support the most amazing person I know, YOU! 

You will also receive…

  • Membership to my private community via Facebook and on my website! We created a new membership site for you to review your resources for the entire YEAR! 
  • We meet Tuesday @ 5 pm PST and the calls are recorded for you listening convenience! Each week we will review a topic covering FEEL.MEAL.HEAL. 
  • Daily tips to help you ADJUST to what works for you! 
  • 40 MEAL Ideas (NOT Plans, however the process will teach you how to plan with more ease) and almost 200 recipes! 
  • Conscious Nutrition worksheets that help you learn to TRUST and LISTEN to your body! 
  • NEW FRIDAY bonus calls! I can’t hold back sharing extra tips, recipes and joy with you!

If you are ready to join me on Tuesday, January 21st, to GET Nourished, I will be emailing you the materials to review this weekend! And remember, you have ALL year to keep learning about you, we are all beautiful works in progress:)

​​You have to learn your own rules and to quote Kenny Rogers rules of Gambling…

  • You gotta know when to hold ’em
  • Know when to walk away
  • Know when to run
  • Never count you money when you are sitting at the table 
  • There will be time enough for counting…
  • When YOUR DEAL is done

Patience, wisdom and creating your own strategy will help you win your race! ​

Love from your Olympian of nourishment, 

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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