Fine tuning is better than damage control

We all have experienced wake up calls in our lives. Whether it was health, financial or relationship related, they made us re-evaluate our mind-set and approach. Our first reaction is to go extreme and figure out how to immediately fix it. This is our reptilian brain protecting us from danger and wanting to keep us safe, whether it is physical or emotional. What is the major emotion behind doing something extreme? FEAR. When we wake up on Monday morning and declare, this is it, “I am only going to eat perfectly”, go to bed by 10 pm, never make a mistake, never eat sugar or fill in the blank…again, this is fear and control taking over.

The extreme eating and exercise plans are fulfilling this instinct. When I was conducting research regarding Intermittent Fasting, I had a major a-ha moment. The extreme plans are trying to replace nature’s natural rhythms, that is why we are so drawn to them. Nature only strives for balance and tends to find balance gently but when things become out of synch, a more radical result may occur.  We have a built in instinct to help us find our balance.

For example, we can drink 6 apples if juiced, but if we eat 2 apples in one sitting, it will be more difficult for us to eat more due to the fiber content filling up our stomachs and if insulin and glucose are working well in our body they will notify us to cease eating. The processed form of the apple (or other foods) throws off your hormone messengers, causing you to constantly feel hungry, never satisfied and mentally reactive.

How can we receive radical results without making radical fear based choices?

5 ways to fine tune your healthy lifestyle approach

  1. Take 10-15 minutes daily to be still with yourself: I just went to Las Vegas with a friend. Wow, talk about feeling over stimulated. Being still with ourselves supports us to thrive in our environment versus feeling consumed or overwhelmed. Whether you listen to a guided visualization, listen to the birds chirp or have a favorite meditation, this is the secret of being tuned in.
  2. Have a monthly check in with yourself or someone you trust: Every month I write in my journal the theme for the month and want experiences and goals would enhance my life and others. It is so cool to see how you can shift your reality with one action step. If something has been holding me back, I write down one action step, feeling or dream that would shift this situation. Bam. It shifts. So, if your weight is holding you back, what is one feeling that you can control to shift this experience? Feeling good about yourself when you wear a certain outfit, signing up for a class you have always wanted to do, or making your favorite meal that brings you joy? You can align your journal with the calendar month, or the new or full moon, which are powerful times to set intentions.
  3. Make sure your blood sugar is in a healthy range: Experimenting with your own body is the key to prevention. The blood sugar range for disease prevention that is regulated by health care professionals is a bit high in my books. I notice my clients have trouble releasing weight and making changes if they are have a fasting blood sugar of 90 mg/dl or above. When they fall below 90 or even 85, they feel so much better with their energy level and even digestion. If you do not have Diabetes you can even try to test your fasting blood sugar once a week. Notice different sensations in your body on days when your blood sugar is lower or higher. This can support you to make small shifts in the day to keep your blood sugar balanced.
  4. Eat fruits and veggies at the peak of their season: Once you have a tomato, watermelon or a peach at the peak of its season, you will make this a priority. You can check out your local newspaper, local farms, farmers markets or google your area to discover what fruits and vegetables are in season. Stay tuned for Conscious Nutrition’s 11 complementary summer recipes!
  5. Set realistic milestones: If you keep searching for the perfect program or the right answers, you will keep feeding the fear. Set milestones and goals that alleviate your fear. If you want to feel better in your body and you set a goal to workout 6 times a week, and you have a family, work full time and feel super behind in your life, this is NOT a realistic goal. Start out with 3 days of structure exercise, and add in 1-2 days of joyful moment. Whether it is a walk, stretches in the grass, running up some stairs or playing with your dog, this will help your mind and body equally.

Because of all of the fear-based and extreme nutrition programs, I didn’t want to be part of the problem. I created a process where you can feel supported no matter what. I created the Conscious Nutrition Channel–Tune into yourself. This new option was created to practice the Conscious Nutrition philosophy and implement it with your reality. Honestly, this private group is bringing me so much joy. I always felt like I was losing my clients or running after them with too many program options. Now, it is all in one spot! You can join seasonally or annually, this week is the perfect time to join and will include the 5-day Jump Start and 25-Summer recipes!

Join us to tune into yourself!

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