Feeling scared to share…

I was so scared to have you unsubscribe that I haven’t been thoroughly sharing my services with you. It felt dirty, complicated and not my truth to “sell”, so I just keep on not looking at my unsubscribes and wrote my emails hoping you won’t leave. I love being of service and am a philanthropist at heart, so I just wanted to keep giving you free nutrition information and I held back in “selling” my programs to you.

So, how the heck have I made a living from my business for over 10 years?

I guess with resonance.

People who resonate with my blogs, videos, books, speaking gigs, amazing referrals and my energy would just reach out and I would sign them up with me. In the last 10 years, I have learned so much from my clients who were experiencing diabetes, cancer, emotional and physical abuse, dieting fads, digestive issues, feeling bloated all of the time, weight gain or the clients who just knew they wanted more in their life and eating better was part of it.

There are so many different diet and health platforms out there it can be difficult to decide where to get your information from. I never wanted to be a ‘doom’s day’ nutritionist and focus on the negative, instead my goal for over a decade has been to help others get to a place of connection, openness, curiosity and self-understanding. If we spend all of our energy focusing on what NOT to eat, we are not discovering what we NEED to eat for our bodies in the present moment. I tried to play the role of becoming a nutrition perfectionist, when I realized life isn’t perfect and I was trying to live in a controlled environment from a place of fear versus living from a place of wonder! That is when my relationship with food, nutrition and myself shifted.

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your subconscious while you are making all of your choices during the day?

If you ate a bad apple once a long time ago, every time you pick up an apple there is a resonance deep in your nervous system that recalls this threat. How do you clear that experience and create a new one? There is NOT one diet out there for you to follow to understand and discover this. Good news, you CAN compile your past, present and future in a new way. It is by learning to follow the subtle sensations your mind and body are providing you on when to eat the apple and when to pass on it. That is why I created and BELIEVE in the 3-Steps to help others observe and feel these subtleties. We cannot always change our environment, but we can change how we interact with it and by practicing WITH your body, you will discover how to meet your needs.

Most of the thoughts and choices you are making everyday are programming from your past. We tend to make choices from autopilot and some of these choices keep us in a state of stress. There are three types of stress—physical, chemical, and emotional.Joe Dispenza states: to create homeostasis and balance in your body we need to start by balancing two of these and the other one will follow suit.

1. Start by paying attention to your inner world: it’s easy to get pulled back into your trauma and stress. When we navigate through life on autopilot operating by the same unconscious programs, feelings of self-doubt, or stressors, our environment will reaffirm these same feelings. Catch those thoughts and emotions that come up and cause your mood to shift. Don’t judge them, just observe them, write them down or go find someone great to talk too. Meditation is my favorite approach to connecting to my inner world. Also, journaling and writing down what my feelings my dreams caused.

2. Make different choices:. Whether it’s waking up and meditating rather than staying in bed, changing what we eat, or starting an exercise routine, as we make new and better choices, we help our body, mind, and spirit come back to balance. Y

3. Just START: You have to start somewhere. So many people will try to do something perfectly and never begin or keep putting it off because it feels daunting. Just start. Whether it is having a giant glass of water when you wake up before your coffee or starting a new movement class you have ALWAYS wanted to try. One little shift creates a ripple.

When we feel better about ourselves, we are more likely to see limitless possibilities where we could not before. As you continue to make decisions that positively serve your wellbeing, you begin to create a new internal state, which then will shift your physical.

True mindfulness means staying centered and clear enough to use every moment life presents you to free yourself from yourself. “The Untethered Soul”~Michael Singer,

To get your toes wet and to START, join us for the Spring RESET program!

What do you receive with the 3-week RESET?

  • Weekly CALLS: Our first call is on Sunday, March 31st @ 12 pm PST (recorded for your convenience) so we can review the program together, let out a big sigh of relief that we are nourishing our bodies EVEN more!
  • Private Facebook Group: Where I shower you with heaps of love, educational material, simple tips and tricks, recipes and hopefully my humor:)
  • The PROGRAM: I have never been more proud of this program than I am now. It keeps evolving to be even more comprehensive and realistic. Each week we focus on a Meal Type so you can observe how YOUR body responds. We add in a Vitamin C trick to help balance blood sugar and help your liver do some spring cleaning. Also, we are adding in a new herb this round to help your blood clear out excess lipids and toxins.
  • Expert interview: I bring in at least one expert to help you learn more about other healing modalities and yourself!
  • Bonuses: Because I can never hold back.

So excited to Spring RESET with you!

This business woman believes in her work and is ready to sell her goods so I can touch more people’s lives!

With abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming

P.S. I had the time of my life as a guest on THE Anna Renderer’s podcast. If you want to laugh, get goosies and toast champagne with us, listen HERE!

Anna's podcast!

P.S.S. If you are ready to START! I created a community to help others shift their inner and who wanted a safe place to receive nutritional science & food nourishment! As we experiment we bring in expert interviews and just START with the RESET & Jump Start programs I created, all the while we observe this crazy mind of ours! To see if the community is the right fit for you, please set up a time for us to talk! Make an appointment with me!

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