Feed FAT Cells

Yes, some of you may be thinking this is crazy. However, it is true. When your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs it, you become out of balance, gain weight and have disease symptoms.

I am working with 4 overweight people for 4 months on a documentary regarding weight loss. My approach is to FEED their bodies. When you are in a state of stress your body will ROB itself of nutrients. Counteracting this with whole foods that are balanced properly is the key to success.

The hardest part of implementing this is trying to change their mindsets. They have been programmed to believe that if you eat less you will lose weight. How do you feel if you don’t eat all day? Do you want to go on a binge at night? This leaves you feeling crappy, bloated, guilty, and the tendency to repeat this pattern is quite probable. Restriction and deprivation does NOT equal health.

Every time you restrict or eat unconsciously, your body is MISSING out on major nutrients that it was truly craving.

If you are ready to re-energize we are beginning a Post Labor Day Jump Start Program!
It begins Monday, September 10th @ 7 am PST with a daily teleconference to set you up for a week of success. Day 1 is preparing you with a grocery list, Day 2-4 is following the Jumpstart Program, Day 5 is how to keep the momentum going.
Please email me to sign up!
Have a wonderful holiday,
Heather Fleming

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