Feast or Famine aka Success or Failure

Have you ever said, “I will start tomorrow”? Then, right after this thought, do you discard taking your supplements, skip exercising or stretching, and then splurge on your favorite no-no foods?

I ALMOST had one of those days yesterday. We had a proper, relentless rainstorm here in Southern California. Growing up in Nebraska, yesterday would have definitely been classified as a snow day. The good news is my tiny house held up well, phew:)

I woke up early and had intense comfort food cravings. I saw this old pattern: “Oh well, you can’t do anything else, so you may as well soothe, comfort, and splurge. “

“All-or-nothing thinking” is a common cognitive distortion that involves viewing the world as a binary. It divides experiences into “black or white” categories and “right or wrong.” Thinking in a binary can influence how you interpret and respond to the world.

When you give into this type of thinking, you’re essentially saying there are only two options: success or failure.

Your thoughts are chemical. And this type of thinking creates extreme anxiety, depression, fear, and unsafety in your body and brain chemistry.

Physically, thinking like this for an extended period EQUALS the release of Cortisol. Which gives us belly fat and inhibits our bodies’ potential to detox, burn fat, and heal.

Research has also shown that the neurochemicals released by thinking have the power to influence physical symptoms in the body.

So what do we do when we think like this?

We all crave more dopamine and oxytocin to give us those feel-good feelings. The secret is to stop labeling your choices, habits, and actions as Good or Bad.

My big craving yesterday was NACHOS! I wanted chips and cheese. Instead of having it as a snack and then ‘wanting more.’ I made it my main meal, played music loud while cooking, and added ground turkey (Ruka’s stash), organic refried beans, green onions, avocado, and sprouts. I was SO full and happy.

Also, between watching some amazing shows, I stretched, played with my pooch, and took Branched Chain Amino Acids, which helped me feel less anxious about being stuck at home or judging myself for not doing more chores or forcing myself to ‘eat light”. Click here to purchase the Amino Acids.

When you starve your body, whether it is from your thoughts or not giving it the proper nutrition, you will put yourself into a feast and famine.

If it is organic, not forced, it can be effective.

Some of the concepts we are experimenting with in Nourish YOUniversity’s Lighten Your Load program are:

  • Up to 24 to 36-Hour Fasts – Instead of jumping into a 3-day water fast, slowly try an up to 24-hour light day of eating. I recommend this once a month, and if you and your body like it, try it once a week. It is similar to a fasting-mimicking and the elemental diet; occasional prolonged fasting is followed for 3 to 4 days and repeated up to four times yearly or seasonally.
  • Skipping a Meal Fast – With spontaneous meal skipping, you do not need to follow a structured schedule to reap the benefits. Skip meals occasionally, especially when you don’t feel hungry or are too busy to stop and eat.
  • The Crescendo Method – This fasting technique is used on non-consecutive days of the week and involves 12 to 16 hours of fasting on rest days instead of training days. The Crescendo Method is a popular choice with women.
  • Also, a note for women: Due to a difference in hormonal makeup, women have special considerations when fasting. Intermittent fasting is not a good idea for women under 18 years of age, those with a lean body profile, or those with medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or a history of eating disorders. Ask your physician about an appropriate fasting protocol for you.

I created the Lighten Your Load program for you to experiment with this all-or-nothing thinking.

I added the LIGHTEN Your Load 24-hour light day of eating experiment to your current life to help you feel a deeper sense of safety, reprogram your nervous system to release fight and flight quicker and help your organs and body take a break to cleanse and function better.

This is called autophagy: A well-regulated, orderly process of breaking down and recycling various cellular components—a self-renewal method.

Each time you practice this light day of eating, it will help your mental, emotional and physical bodies take a big exhale.

Our body can initiate healing itself during these renewal phases.

What makes the Lighten Your Load different than a structured Intermittent Fast?

  • You don’t do it every day. Instead, begin with once a month and work up to once a week if it aligns with your lifestyle. And if you feel anxious and nervous, this is normal. I want you to feel you can TRY this versus feeling like you can’t succeed.
  • You ADD nourishment. Do not start with a water-only experiment; again, have tea, minerals, broth, veggies, and even a piece of fruit. Trying to do it perfectly out of the gate may cause more stress than a piece of fruit.
  • You work WITH your emotional and mental well-being. Approach this by helping your psyche more than focusing on your physical body.
  • Life changes. This approach allows you to be more flexible rather than forcing your eating window every day. Fasting for extended periods doesn’t work for certain body types and people. It may put your body into fat storage mode rather than utilizing fat for energy.

Most intermittent fasting periods are anywhere between 12 and 72 hours. We begin with up to 24 hours so you can GENTLY work with your emotions, resistance, and psyche.

In addition to sharing more details about the Lighten Your Load day in next week’s webinar, I will share ideas for what to eat on the day of the experiment, during your first meal, and things to notice following this experiment.

What clients are noticing:

Your blood sugar is more balanced
Your happy hormones are increasing.
Intense cravings were reduced dramatically.
You have more energy the days FOLLOWING the light day
Mental clarity and beginning new projects.
And you don’t have to give up coffee:)
Purchase the course here and let me know if you have any insights or questions.

Lighten Your Load course

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