Fair Weather Faster

Are your moods and energy levels affected by the weather?

Or do you only enjoy experiences when all variables are sunny, calm, and collected?

Well, I am definitely a fair-weather sailor, which means someone who usually only goes sailing when the weather is good and they have plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

Now, I observed I am a fair weather faster.

We have been socked in with the marine layer for about a month. Living on the mountain in the tiny house has been a pretty, wet, and cold winter, and spring has continued. I have wanted to try a light day of eating for over a month and was TOTALLY rebelling.

The day the sun finally came out, bam, I did almost three days of light eating, and it was mainly effortless. At times, it was hard; I wanted to eat, to have something to do, or to help me relax.

Since the weather was nice, I felt satiated with either mango or veggie juice, radishes, and a tablespoon of nut butter.

The way I feel days after this experiment is what my desired result was.

  • Less Hangry. That blood sugar drop feeling that makes you want to eat anything in sight.
  • Feeling complete with smaller meals and saving leftovers.
  • Digestion is back on track; pooping when you wake up without stimulants is a great result.
  • Less comfort eating and more energy to engage with others.

Instead of forcing Intermittent Fasting Days, maybe we can align our Light eating Days with the variations that suit YOU!

You can choose when, how long, and what your intention is and reset yourself. I suggest trying these light days anywhere from once a month to weekly.

What would be some of your desired results to help you sail through your day and make life more manageable?

Join me as I guide you during a 24-hour Light Day of Eating.

Lighten Your Load Days aims to help your body go into autophagy, healing mode, and renewal.

During our week, you will learn the logistics of when to experiment and implement this program in the way that best supports you.

While you practice this concept each month, you will work with your OWN rhythms and navigation toward your fair-weather fasting mode.

We will begin to Lighten our Load on Monday, June 17th, at 5 p.m. PST.

We will meet daily through Friday, and all calls will be recorded for your convenience.

BONUS: You will receive one complimentary Neurodynamic Breathwork session to help integrate all you are doing.

Schedule a chat if you have any questions or are ready to proceed. We can help you not feel like your food choices, nervous system, health, and psyche are under attack.

Let’s MEET!

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