Facebook Movement!

I have dedicated my facebook page towards the Conscious Nutrition movement. What is this? It is an empowerment program that will help you take COMPLETE responsibility for your health.  The “rules and guidelines” for nutrition are chaotic, there is more information regarding health now than ever and the population is FATTER now than ever!  Conscious Nutrition is going to help you connect with your natural instinct and finally live the life you DESERVE!

So if you have bumps on the back of your arms, your digestive tract is STRESSED out!  You are not absorbing vitamins and minerals in your gut, which is the only place to get them, so your energy is low, you have mental fatigue, and gain weight easily.

Your digestive tract is the core of your body, this is the center of your well-being.  I am not saying that you can never eat pizza again, however it is time to pull over and take notice. If you want to spend your time in Doctor’s offices go for it, if you want to live then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

First thing to do is acknowledge that you are going to be easy on yourself and take care of yourself. Second, you are going to find an expert. I don’t fix my car, I hire someone. Last, you are going to be free from worry and finally understand how to nourish your body. It is not that hard, media and diet books have confused you, it is going to be like ripping off a band aid:

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