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Ruka and I have landed back at the hot springs for the next month. Then we will cruise back up to Nebraska to remodel my Dad’s house and off to North Carolina for an adventurous summer.

I needed these last few weeks to integrate all of the emotions and feelings I experienced witnessing my father pass. So glad I believe in taking time versus the pressure of just ‘getting over and through it’.

I initially didn’t want to keep my childhood home, I wanted to sell it. However, after a few days, I felt up to a new challenge and try to take a crack at remodeling a home. Haven’t done it yet, and feel completely up for the task. It feels creative and will push some of my discomforts.

How do we dive into change? What is the science behind it?

Tony Robbins has a great example of how to release feeling stuck, with the Chemistry of Transformation He even uses a food analogy.

1. Satiation
Think about your favorite meal. One you would ask to have for your last night on earth… Let’s pretend that your favorite meal is prime rib (or for my Vegetarians, caramelized Brussels sprouts) and that you get to have it every night of the week…
The first few days are glorious. The meal hits the spot again and again. But after a few weeks, something starts growing inside you. Satiation.
No matter how much you like prime rib, you’re satisfied at this point. Your desire is met. And you start looking again… The way this works with problems or something you want to change is that if you don’t solve them at the satiation step, it’ll grow to dissatisfaction.

2. Dissatisfaction
At this point, the thing you used to feel good about, you feel bad about.
The prime rib no longer makes your mouth water. In fact, it does the opposite. It repulses you. This step of dissatisfaction is key to getting us to the next step…
If we remain content in a situation, we lack a compelling reason to change. Something that may help you in navigating life is to home in on what’s not satisfying you in this current season.
What’s not working?
What’s not serving?
What could be made better?
Dissatisfaction leaves clues.

3. Emotional Threshold
This is where the brain says, no more. I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and I’m getting the same results.
This doesn’t feel good. I’m at my breaking point. I can’t keep doing life like this… It can feel massively uncomfortable. But this is actually a place of power my friend.
THRESHOLDS are what create change.

4. Moment of Insight
Once the emotional threshold is crossed, we have this moment of insight that pops into our brain…
We realize what we’ve been doing is no longer working, no longer serving us. And we know something is required of us to break away from the way we’ve been operating. It’s like a light bulb turning on in our psychology. Or an awakening from a long sleep.
An ah-ha moment.

5. The Opening: Claim Your New Identity
Upon getting to your emotional threshold there’s an incredible opportunity to claim a new identity. To truly transform. To think to yourself, not another day, not another hour, I’m fixing this now.
Forget my ego…
My inability…
My excuses…
My fear…
At that moment there’s an opening that if you jump through…you’re creating lasting transformation in your life.
But because it’s the unknown we can lose momentum and repeat the entire process again…
Most people would rather deal with the devil they know than the unknown.
If you’ve been stuck for years or doing the same thing over and over, it’s because you’re not jumping through the opening. And then the cycle repeats itself.

If you want to jump into more of your inner unknown, join me monthly for Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions.
This music-led, SIMPLE breath technique, helps process emotions, reduce mental stress and can feel like you are doing your own therapy session every week.

If you are craving a more gentle, self-led, Heather-guided:), relaxed modality to move some stuck energy, I got ya!
Plus, remember, the #1 we release toxins is through our exhale. And this time of year is a great time to focus on detoxification.
Whether you have excess emotional congestion, mucus, shopping therapy, overwhelm, or the overall feeling heavy, breathwork will create more space for you to move through feeling stuck.

I was honored to have my first experience with Breathwork under the guidance of Heather Fleming.  For most of the session, I felt like I was floating on a cloud.   For me, this was like a very deep meditation.  I am so looking forward to many more Breathwork sessions!
Robin S.

Change up your Monday evening by being relaxed in your pajamas and doing some inner work.
You don’t need to have your video on or talk.
Just receive!

Sign up for your breathwork session here!

March Schedule
Monday, March 13th @ 6 pm PST/9 pm EST
Monday, March 20th @ 5 pm PST/8 pm EST

Thank you for your continuous support and exhale!

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