I had the pleasure to watch the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp yesterday.  The movie was about this beautiful woman who moved from town to town and opened up a store specializing in chocolate.

There was a line in the movie that jumped out at me regarding the Mayan culture.  The cocoa bean was used to help increase your ability to identify your true and hidden desires. So, if we eat chocolate it may help us find our higher purpose.

With my nutrition clients, I recommend the darkest chocolate and for some of them I do recommend them to have it very often.  Chocolate can help with more blood flow and increase your yang, which is more robust and energetic feeling.  However, if you are craving chocolate every day at the same time and after every meal, we need to readjust your food plan.
Developing your nutrition intuition and empowerment will provide you with a sense of freedom and inner trust.
So.. Cheers to Chocolate:)

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