Dr. Oz Said it Best…

I had the pleasure to watch television yesterday!  That was the second time this week, besides watching the weekly show Glee on Hulu with my roomies, it was a treat.  I love to get caught up on the topics Dr. Oz is educating his viewers about.

The show was great, it offered many empowering tools to take charge of your health, however there were a few things I didn’t totally agree with he summed up the show perfectly with this quote, ” Take in all the information and customize it to yourself”.

That was the beauty of the whole show!  The details about iron pans are a great way to get iron in your diet, and telling the comedian she can never drink alcohol again, were not the best guidance from my perspective. However when he used the word customize, I lit up and totally believe that is the truth.  The feeling of being aligned, trusting your instincts, and listening to your body is your best strategy to living a completely health life.

I sat next to an amazing man at the tea shop this week, he mentioned my breakfast looked wonderful and healthy:), so of course conversation sparked.  He asked me to guess his age, since he asked I guessed higher right, so I said 65, and he was going to be 80!!!  So I asked him his secrets….1 T of wheatgerm every morning with other supplements, massages his face every day, eats conscious during the week and splurges on the weekend, and a healthy attitude:)

We all can think of that person that smoked and drank and lived to be over 100, however how healthy were their thoughts and attitude?  I have a feeling pretty healthy…

So take it all in and customize your life for yourself, You are in charge!

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