The top questions or comments I have heard in my nutrition career are:

1. What should I eat?

2. Is this good or bad for me?

3. Don’t even think of taking my coffee away!


Why do we love coffee so much?

I recently interviewed my mentor Dr. Bob Rakowsky ( I studied with Dr. Bob during my certification program and relate to his philosophies and research. He is a big fan of coffee and has had success switching his clients to an alkaline coffee. His clients have experienced relief from arthritis and headaches as well as seen improvements in sleep and digestion.

So is coffee good for us?

Ancient modalities such as Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine do not promote coffee for certain body types and constitutions. I have seen that if a habit is supportive and healthy, you do not need it daily, you can take time off and observe how your body responds. However with coffee, there is a big love for it in our daily routine.

ME: Why do you think we love the ritual of drinking coffee so much in the morning?
Dr. Bob: After sleep we are craving hydration. The brain is waiting to wake up to enjoy the day, and caffeine initiates these neuro receptors. Also, coffee wakes up our senses. The bitterness helps ignite the digestive process and also livens up the taste buds on the tongue.  The aroma supports our sense of smell and even the sense of touch by holding up the warm cup.

ME: Do you think certain constitutions do better in coffee than others? For example like people who run anxious vs people who have a calmer demeanor?
Dr. Bob: Very wired individuals crave the yang and the flavor of coffee, and low energy people desire the pick me up. Not too many people are coffee sensitive, they tend to be more chemical sensitive. Many coffees are processed with chemicals and can alter the chemistry of the natural bean.  The more toxins you are introduced too, then coffee may be a challenge and may exaggerate the symptoms you are already experiencing.

I recommend to do a structured cleanse at least once to twice a year. Our RESET program starts next Monday. That’s a great opportunity if you don’t want to let go of your coffee habit, there are other options you can try during these body experiments. If you are like many and won’t give up your coffee, we understand. We recommend trying these natural, alkaline coffee options …

  1. Dandy Blend : Extracts of dandelion root
  2. Tecino : Roasted herbs and nuts
  3. Organo Gold : Made from Reishi Mushrooms

Note: if you follow these links and purchase an item, we will get a small affiliate payment, at no expense to you. We do appreciate it and it helps keep Conscious Nutrition moving forward.

Drink up!

Heather Fleming


Thanks to trophygeek for the photo!

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