Do you need to FEEL some relief?

Hello Feeler!

She emailed saying she needed help. Her mom is struggling with cancer, she is selling and buying a house and has gained 20 pounds in 6 months. Is the right time for her to do a program?

I told her this. If this causes you more stress. NO. If you get a minute of relief because you invested and chose yourself, then YES. Only you can choose.

Stress causes inflammation. Whether if it is from our food choices, environmental toxins, our stressed out nervous system and our thoughts! This is the culprit to EVERYTHING.

  • Malabsorption of essential nutrients. The main nutrients I see most of my clients deficient in are:
    • B-12, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. This is from a combination of not intaking these nutrients from our food choices and then not being able to absorb them in our small intestine. When we are stressed and inflamed, our stomach doesn’t have the chance to break down our food properly and then our small intestine is under fire trying to absorb the nutrients. 
      • Try chewing your food slower..
      • Try adding in some super foods that more more dense with nutrients, especially over the holiday season. Such as; spirulina, goji & cacao nibs, acai, dulse and immune boosting teas. 
  • Dehydration: Many people hold back on hydration because they have to pee all of the time. You are overworking your kidneys and not absorbing water efficiently. What to do?
    • Drink slower, don’t guzzle.
    • Add in a pinch of Sea Salt. If you keep rushing to the restroom, give this a try.
    • Add in other mineral rich options: lemon, mint, cucumber or lime.
    • It takes up to 2 hours for water to absorb. Add in more before strenuous activity and discontinue 2 hours before bed, if you get up often to use the restroom.
    • Add water 30 minutes prior to meals
    • Add extra fiber to your diet to help with absorption.
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency: Healthy fats is where it is at, ONLY if you are absorbing them. Your cell walls are made up of phospholipids and the types of fatty acids in cell membranes determine how well your cells manage inflammation.
    • Try adding in healthy fats later in the morning than first thing. If you have elevate liver enzymes, extra weight around your abdomen and hormone issues, give this a try for 3 days to one week. Notice if you have more energy, sleep better and have less intense cravings. 
    • Try rotating your essential fats: Switch from MCT oil, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee and nut butters as your sources of healthy fats each week. 

What do you need to keep your cells happy?

The Feeling Diet 3-week INTRO Course begins Tuesday, October 29th @ 5 pm PST (recorded for your listening convenience). Sign up by 1 pm PST on Tuesday and I will send you all of the materials and resources to help you and your cells! 

Sign up HERE!

If this isn’t the right timing, I totally trust you! Please stay tuned for what I am creating to support you “FEEL Your Way through Your Holidays”! This is the year to let go of the dieting mind set, forever and I am going to show you how!

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