Do you need Supplements?

I was taught in college that you did not need supplementation if you were eating a “balanced” diet. If you have been a student of nutrition and making it a life practice, you may have discovered that this “balance” can be difficult to achieve.

While designing Conscious Nutrition, I just wanted to focus on food. However, many people have heaps of life stress and challenges to incorporate a “perfect and balanced” diet. A solid foundation of high quality supplements along with a quality nutrition plan can bring the body back to balance more efficiently.

When choosing & implementing a supplement program there are a few factors to take into consideration:

1. Try implementing one supplement per week and begin at a lower dose than suggested. Gradually increase the amount over a few weeks to the recommended therapeutic dose. This will support your body to effectively absorb the nutrients.

2. Quality: Upgrade where you purchase your vitamins. You get what you pay for, try to compromise expenses on other aspects of your life. The vitamin aisle in the health food store can become a bit overwhelming. Supplements are not regulated and some companies may not be providing you with the ingredients listed on the label. Research companies that use high standards of practice.
3. Don’t over do it: Some of my clients are taking Vitamins from A-Z. This can be overwhelming and actually counter-productive. Most people need a just a few supplements to support their immune system, digestive tract, nervous system and liver support.

Conscious Nutrition’s NEW Supplement Line:

Vitality Shake: Rice/Pea Protein based: Why? Rice is very hypoallergenic and mixed with pea protein this combination offers a complete protein. Adding a protein shake daily can assist in your body releasing toxins that can accumulate daily in your organs and cells.

Essential Fatty Acids: High Quality Omega-3 Fish oils: 9 out of 10 people are Essential Fatty Acid deficient. Your cells and organs are supported by high quality essential fats. Enhancing your diet with Omega 3 Oils is an added insurance program in a stressful lifestyle.

Digestive Enzymes: Support healthy digestion of protein, fats and starches. Why? Most people tend to eat a diet that is improperly combined and low in nutrients. These enzymes are essential in breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, & fats properly to support the tissues and organs to function optimally.

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