Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel every Monday?

You had a fun weekend, and now you wake up and try to implement the perfect meal plan, only to realize…

Your veggie drawer looks pretty brown
You have a headache and need to lay down versus rushing to yoga
You want to eat a salad, but you are craving something greasy.

If you set out to climb Mount Everest every Monday, you will stay consistently overwhelmed, and this isn’t good for ya.

My biggest wish for you: I want you to be less of an Arse-hole to yourself EVERY day, but especially on Mondays.

And the best news is, you can do it imperfectly.

Most clients who have seen results have let go of this Monday morning turmoil by throwing out their perfectionist tendencies along with the rotten veggies.

Besides our plateaus being a physical response (check out this past plateau blog article), are plateaus also a game in our brains?

Einstein best quotes this tug-of-war scenario: It is difficult to change a problem from the SAME consciousness that created it.

That means, in whatever situation we face, we need to rise to a new consciousness- a new way of thinking.

How do we do this?

Let’s look at the Monday morning scenario:

You indulged a bit extra on the weekend, and then, on Monday morning, you put your foot down and tried to regain control.

By doing so, you initiated the inner arsehole in your psyche. This voice in your head is going wild. Trying to judge you, control and shame you into making better choices.

Is this an OLD or NEW way of thinking?

I am confident it is an unproductive, OLD way.

If you have this intense, rebellious, resistant, critical voice in your head, it doesn’t land well, and you may rebel even more.

Well, I sure do. Here is a fun example.

I went to join the local health club last week. As I was driving there, I heard my inner arsehole chime in. Are you sure you are going to go swimming enough? Are you going to try harder? Are you going to get your money’s worth? Are you going to wake up every day obsessed and rush to the pool?

What the heck!

When I got to the club, the membership person wasn’t there, phew. So, I got to swim in their outdoor, heated ozone pool before I had to do the paperwork. I slathered love and acceptance all over this inner voice and asked what the real fear was under there.

It was…

Is joining the pool and making this commitment… going to give me the lasting results I desire to get out of any discomfort I feel?

That is a lot of pressure to join a gym, eat healthily, practice your career, relax, and live your life!

No wonder we stay at plateaus or freak out every Monday.

If you wake up daily with these thoughts and pressure, you throw yourself into cortisol overload.

My inner critic is strong-willed, rebellious, and a tyrant. When our nervous systems are constantly under this mental stress, they can not thrive, heal, release fat and toxins, or make conscious changes.

I created the Nourish YOUniversity program to help you every day, week and month to NOT live your life from this arsehole consciousness.

Next month, we have our Spring LIVE 4-week Master Class for you to make friends with your inner arsehole and commit to a life with more gentleness and healthy intentions.

Click here for more details.

Also, to ensure you don’t feel pressure during the 4-weeks, this would be the perfect time to JOIN Nourish YOUniversity.

During your six months, you can implement all you learned, add in Breathwork, and have more time to support yourself.

If you want to begin your intake, reply to this email, and we will schedule your initial appointment.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

P.S. Mark your calendars for this month’s Guest Expert!

Meet John Ossipinsky! John is the founder of Ossipinsky Health Academy and we met through our mutual friend, Tiffany, in our Master/Heartfelt Mind. John is a retired New York fireman, and during his training, he trained with three world-renowned physicians specializing in manual medicine to improve health and vitality.

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February 28th @ 10 am PST

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