Do you fear being hungry?

Do you overthink your meal planning? Obsessed on when and what to eat? Always forcing yourself to eat so you are not hungry later? Are these thoughts supporting your or holding you back?

Honestly, I don’t believe “food” causing weight gain. How about play with this concept, the wrong food at the wrong time can create more inflammation and cytokines in the blood. Inflammation happens first before weight gain and diabetes appear.

Fat tissue is a metabolically active endocrine organ that secretes hormones and inflammatory cytokines. The metabolic activity of fat is the key to understanding its role in causing disease and obesity. Chronic inflammation has been linked to MANY diseases. Because the cytokines that respond to these insults are in the bloodstream, they can lead to systemic inflammation. Inflamed blood vessels and growing fatty plaque can cause blockages and blood clots.

Focusing exclusively on regulating blood sugar and fat hormones without addressing other potential causes of inflammation is bound to produce inferior results. These “other causes” of inflammation include; dietary triggers (wrong foods at the wrong times), STRESS, poor sleep, gut dysbiosis, poor oral health and environmental toxins all cause inflammation on their own. When combined together, they are an explosive mix.

So many people have a variety of food preferences and restrictions. I am blessed and grateful to have quality food options, because some areas of the world do not. If you are truly hungry, there will be foods your body can tolerate that prior to that hunger it would not have done well. For example. Let’s say you didn’t have food for an entire day and ate a piece of bread, you may have less systemic inflammation in your body, blood and cells so you actually tolerate the gluten well that day. Take another day when you had ample food along with a side of stress, you eat that bread, have an instant headache, bloating, and other side effects. This wrong food at the wrong time could even be an apple. If you had a stomach ache, blood sugar issues, and stress, and you eat that apple, it could cause gut stress just the same as the bread.

Another poor timing of a food is when you are experiencing an strong craving from an emotional event. Mine last week was Hot Chocolate. This surge of NEEDING a hot chocolate was so strong after I felt a difficult emotion that was buried deep. The first 6 hours on a scale of 1-10, that craving was a 17. Then the next 6 it went down to a more manageable 5. The next day, this nutrition gal, waited for it to be a calm 2 and ordered an awesome hot chocolate with coconut milk:) If I would have acted on the craving right away, I would have been so unconscious, reactive, heaps of inflammatory hormones going through my blood and I would have had way more symptoms, vs. calming down my nervous system and then enjoying the treat and being symptomless.

Please join us for the Jump Start so you can help understand your body’s own individual timing. Then we don’t have to fear food, hunger, and those really strong emotional cravings.

Being Fearless,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


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