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Yes, I did it. I ate that plant-based Carl’s Jr. burger and LOVED every bite of it. It was my first time to this establishment at 6 pm on a Santa Ana day, where the heat and winds were winning. I came back from walking on the beach and jumping in the ocean. At first french fries sounded good, so I realized my minerals were low, which made total sense due to the winds and heat. Then the idea of going through a drive thru sounded so liberating and fun. I couldn’t recall who had the new burger, and bam, around the corner, I see the oasis.

I had so much fun ordering, I could so relate to how this is alluring to people! Held the cheese and the drink, got the fries:), and it was delicious. I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt or one bit of bloating.

It isn’t about eating perfect. Actually that sets you up for walking on a tight rope of trying to be perfect. My friends and clients who have dealt with major health issues focused on clean eating for a big chunk of time, and then when their confidence, health and emotional well-being ALIGNED they could experiment with other foods with no guilt, just awareness.

If you would forced me to have a salad in that moment, I bet ya I would have felt bloated and craved sugar right after. This is the yin/yang balance. Check out one of my favorite blogs about this concept here.

I am seeing heaps of super cool challenges and cleanses going on in the new year. The reason I didn’t want to jump on board is because I believe in one major missing link, to make sure you are working WITH your body and your Food Relationship Type. Just like if you forced my REBEL to eat a salad versus the burger, things would not go well, and REBEL Heather would have retaliated. 

I just had an inquiry to see if my program was right for them. In the past before she started a program, she would go hog wild and eat everything in site. Guess which Food Relationship Type she is? REBEL, just like me. I told her, I re-created my business and programs to make sure I wasn’t part of this problem. I never want anyone to feel “off or on” their program again. 

Here is how we can shift to alignment versus control! 

  • Observe our personality without JUDGEMENT: ​How often during the day do you spend judging yourself or others? Instead, try to be the observer of you versus the reactor. Each week during the course, we will focus on the FEEL.MEAL.HEAL concepts along with your Food Relationship Type, to help you stay connected. 
  • NO MEAL plans: Instead MEAL ideas. The 6-week Nourish with me course will help you learn how to choose which of the four Conscious Nutrition Meal Types you are wanting. I will have over 40 different Meal ideas along with 200 recipes for you to choose what works for you. By the end of the course, you will understand how to adjust for YOUR own body, not follow what you should eat. 
  • Eating veggies for breakfast: ​A few of the Meal ideas incorporate veggies for breakfast. This secret could be exactly what your mind and body was craving! 
  • Interpret what your body needs versus forcing: ​When you are following a structure so tightly, you may be missing a couple of cues. For example, I have had clients try Whole 30, the first time they did it, it went well and their cravings reduced and so did their weight. Then life happened and they “fell off”. When they went back “on it”, their body retaliated and nothing budged. Your body KNOWS when you are trying to force weight loss and it can hold and store fat for protection. All they may have needed was a starch, extra fruit, extra beans for a day or so but instead they white knuckled it and didn’t acknowledge or trust their body. Most of the time, we may need MORE nourishment, not less. 

If you are ready to work WITH your body and your Food Relationship Type, I am so excited to guide you. ​If you would like to see if this process is aligned for you, head to my calendar and set up a time to chat with me!…

You will have access to the contents and the program for ONE YEAR! The content is shaping up to look like a great workbook that you can print out and make a binder to support the most amazing person I know, YOU! Also, you will part of my private membership community via Facebook and on my website! We meet weekly and the calls are recorded for you listening convenience! 

Also, NEW FRIDAY bonus calls! I can’t hold back sharing extra tips, recipes and joy with you! 

It is time to align,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. 

P.S. This amazing woman is a full time nurse wanting to help people with prevention. I had a blast meeting her and so enjoyed her questions and sharing my insights. Especially my favorite insight about why extreme diets are so prevalent now. You can sign up for the series and check out her other speakers along with me!

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