Did you gain weight or are you just bloated?

8 Solutions to End the Most Common Causes of Bloating

From my early childhood up to my late 20’s, being bloated everyday was my normal. Everything I ate made me bloated or I would find a culprit and then minutes later a different combination of something else I ate would send me into a tailspin. However, I would have moments of complete bliss when the bloating was gone, so I knew my digestion could be healed. I became a nutritionist to heal this discomfort and to help others not have to experience this.

The causes for me were a weak immune system and digestive tract from being on antibiotics continuously for many years. This caused the lining of my small intestine to be super inflamed and not able to digest food. Do you experience bloating, loose stool or heart burn shortly after you eat? Here is the low-down. The undigested food causes bloating and an overburdened liver which will affect bile production and cause toxins to leak out into the intestines for reabsorption. This cause and effect reaction only weakens the liver and bile further, causing more bloating. When bile production is limited it affects the stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid, preventing the small intestines from absorbing nutrients. That means undigested proteins and fats begin to rot and go rancid in your gut.

Another major cause is STRESS! Which comes first, the stress causing bloating, or your bloating making you so stressed out? This added adrenaline stress from drinking too much coffee, traumas, emotional events in your life, not living your life’s purpose and other environmental stressors keep your body in a fight or flight response.

Good news, you can heal your digestion! When I landed in California at the age of 28, I was ready to heal my gut once and for all. A dear friend introduced me to her nutritionist and 3 days later after seeing her, I never felt better. I started on a protein powder that was rice based with heaps of nutrients, amino acids and gut healing properties and initially eliminated a lot of foods. I didn’t know what to eat so I ate a bunch of almonds until I got my foundation sorted and then brought in foods one by one. After being committed to my health, my food allergies and other symptoms were gone!

If you have tried everything or have any loved ones, or even the person next to you in line that is complaining about suffering from bloating, please share my NEW bloating support guide.

Conscious Nutrition’s Bloating Solutions!

Please let us know what you think and which tip helped you the most.

I am still living with a sensitive digestive tract, which completely helps me stay on top of my nutrition and also helped me create the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree & programs. The next program for you to support your gut is the 3-day Holiday Jump Start. For 3-days we will give you a Sample Day, recipes, and some guidelines to give your organs a chance to clear any congestion between the holidays. Click here to join us!

Sensitivity is the new super-power,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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