Detox your Limiting Beliefs & LIVE Lighten Your Load program

What if we are entirely distracting ourselves from living the life of our dreams?

Is this dream life filled only with organic fruit, butterflies, and having the perfect body? Nope.

This life of our dreams includes heartbreaks, joyful tears, ups and downs, successful and challenging relationships, heaps of forgiveness, and, for me, chocolate and puppies.

You are a highly complex human.

No one will ever fully understand you, maybe not even you. Because I sense we keep learning until we leave…

So, is this why we are struggling so much?

I moved to a tiny house with a gorgeous view, have been facing my fears of WILD predators, meeting amazing people, and I still get teary-eyed with gratitude and longing for something more.

This IS the human experience.

No diet, exercise program, or quick fix will change this.

YOU are the experiencer, experiencing it all.

Doing the same thing over and over builds up resistance and stubbornness.

Instead, try to throw a cog in the wheel and shift your limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits.

I am a comfort eater. I love food; it helps me feel calm, connected, and supported. Plus, I love the creativity of making new and fun meals that are healthy and support my cravings.

However, I need to throw a cog in the wheel, too. I feel best when I add in a Light Day of Eating every week or every other week.

Trying the Light Day of Eating will help us NOT to be on autopilot when we want to comfort eat. Instead, we will pause, feel some feelings, and detox habits that increase our stress hormones and belly fat.

Do you want to experience …

  • Lighter daily perspectives
  • Lighter emotional turbulence
  • Lighter moods
  • Lighter in your body

Join me as I guide you during a 24-hour Light Day of Eating.

You will learn the logistics of when to experiment and implement this program in the way that best supports you. We will help your body enter autophagy (healing mode) so your cells can release inflammation and stress.

While you practice this concept each month, you will work with your resistance, stubbornness, greatness, and excitement!

We will begin to Lighten our Load on Monday, June 17th, at 5 p.m. PST.

We will meet daily through Friday, and all calls will be recorded for your convenience.

BONUS: You will receive one complimentary Neurodynamic Breathwork session to help integrate all you are doing.

Schedule a chat if you have any questions or are ready to take it further. We can help you not feel like your food choices, nervous system, health, and psyche are under attack.

Let’s MEET!

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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