Defense mode, choices, weight gain and stress

It is a very uncomfortable and challenging time in our world. And in this discomfort, California fires, civil unrest, virus and pause, is when the deep feelings can be felt and hopefully then change can and will happen.

Positivity is one of my main strengths. And I totally failed the other day. I was approaching a woman who at first glance I sensed was in despair and homeless. She was super frustrated and about to hit her dog. I cringed and the first thought I caught was, Oh great, why do I have to experience this situation. I instantly went in defense mode. These deep, hidden insecurities get entangled with our prejudices, underlying beliefs and how we operate in our world toward others.

I took a deep breath and kindly said to myself, “Heather, you can do better than this, especially with the state of affairs in the world, you HAVE to do better than this, you have a choice.” I approached her right before the dog was struck and asked if I could support her in any way.

Guess what she needed? A bag. Which my friend and I instantly made available for her. Her water bottles were dropping everywhere, which frightened the pup and pulled her off her bike. The bag held the bottles and she gave the dog the water it needed. Phew.

My takeaway?

We can all go in defense mode when we don’t feel safe. I didn’t feel safe and made this situation JUST about me. WOAH! When I could re-center myself and catch those thoughts, I could relax my nervous system to not STAY in fight and flight. The less reactive we are, the better we can respond.

How reactive are you with your health, food and maybe with the quarantine-fifteen you may have gained?

The more we consistently react, the more stress we will cause on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

If you are fluctuating, CONGRATS! You are an emotional human being and this is normal in states of stress. In between the fluctuations, how are you treating yourself? Catch those thoughts and make sure you are working WITH trusting yourself and not against.

Are you ready to try a new approach to how you respond to your body? Instead of berating, judging, justifying and ignoring, YOU are practicing to take FULL responsibility of yourself.

In the moment, when I was rejecting the situation with the woman and her dog, I was NOT taking responsibility and was not making a choice that aligned with my values.

What does this look and feel like with nutrition, our relationship with food and ourselves?

I want to introduce you to my NEW Master Class. I bundled, organized and created a SAFE place for you to respond WITH your body, Food Relationship Type and how you make choices aligned with your values.

How does this Master Class support you?

This isn’t another quick fix, do-it-perfectly program. You are the program. Becoming the Guru of you is what will switch your health from being a task to your true lifestyle.

You will follow the Master Class at your own pace and receive continuous, supportive emails from me! You can also be a part of my complementary community. We will consistently be adding in nourishing tips, ideas and real time support. This is the best space to interact, ask questions and learn.

What you receive…  

Video Support from Me!

I will be virtually holding your hand as I guide you with video support. In your course portal, you will have videos sequenced for 30 days to help you with each phase of your Master Class.

One week Introduction

We will ease into your 30-day Masterclass with education, mental, emotional preparation and other logistics that are not meant to create more stress. This is not about doing it “perfectly”, instead it is about using your heart and gut more than your mind. Your mantra: Connection NOT Perfection.

One Week Jump-Start

What should I eat? This is the most popular question I receive. It isn’t JUST about the food, it is about timing, trust, connection and observation. The Conscious Nutrition Jump-Start is a 3-5 day program to help you begin with intention and help your critical brain feel safe with a ‘plan’. There is NO perfect diet to follow, instead we reduce some variables for a short time to give your body relief.

Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book

This simple recipe book supports you to choose recipes from a new perspective. Such as flavor, temperature and the Conscious Nutrition Meal Types. Then you can practice trust and choose meals with more conscious reasoning.

Make Your Nutrition Plan CLICK guide

This is your go-to guide that includes the ENTIRE systme! During your 30-days, you will laugh, cry, have new insights on what has been holding you back in the past.

Conscious Nutrition Cravings Book

This is my favorite book where I share how we can understand our cravings instead of judging them. Each craving has a physical and emotional component for you to review and heal the past criticisms.

Conscious Nutrition Journal

This is not your typical nutrition journal. This journal is about learning about your body’s amazing signals and understanding more about your psyche and organs.

You will download the materials to practice forever and the access to the course and videos for one year! We are never done mastering our choices and becoming a better and happier version of ourselves.


Cost: $147

Join the Make Your Nutrition Plan CLICK Master Class of YOU here!

Love from your nourishment guide,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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