Dear Weight Watchers

Most of us grew up with Weight Watchers and that point system. Either by watching our moms, favorite aunt or friends. The diet phenomenon in the 90’s may have challenged our knowledge, self esteem, and self awareness, however we are now ready to take back our power.

Weight Watchers has come along way, and has helped many people with portion control, incorporating more fruits and veggies and group support. Now it is time to take the point system a giant leap forward and have people learn to experiment with their bodies, how food affects them, and to trust themselves completely.

I went into the bank one day and my business name caught the clerk’s attention. She said she understood nutrition because of Weight Watchers and was having a Diet Dr. Pepper and some type of candy which equaled 2 points. I really do not try to judge because that only causes me more stress than someone else who is trying their best, but my mouth did drop on this one. When we mature and develop our relationship with food we will be set free and can choose our nourishment with ease, grace and effortlessness vs. staying within the point system with low energy food choices.

We created the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree as a resource to help you with meal planning, proper food combining for energy, enhance digestion, and reduce intense cravings. When your body is balanced with the 3 macronutrients and minerals, you will feel more calm, leaner, energetic, and safe.

If you need more support, grab the Conscious Nutrition Guide book, recipes, and look for one of our group programs coming up in July and September.

Staying point free,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.





Photo by: slgckgc

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