The day you find your growl?

When I reflect back with my clients and friends on the day it clicked for them regarding when they found their physical and emotional growl, it usually comes down to a pivotal point in their life that their WHY was not just a dream but it was a MUST.

I recently spent a couple weeks with a client doing an intensive. As you can guess my intensives are not too intensive but rather connective and reflective. It is more about checking in with your mind and body, (I know I am tired of these words too, but they are finally making extra sense to me) and being a guide to help others connect to their true knowing. The aim of this type of work and questioning is to probe the underlying beliefs that what we are fearful of and trying to control.


When was the last time you heard your stomach growl? This is soooo important. I have many clients who have not heard their stomach growl for many years. We have been trained to prevent blood sugar crashes, instead if we are eating balanced and connected there will not be these scary energy lows. I catch this not so supportive “thought” for myself often “I should eat now so I don’t have to worry about it later”. Logistically, this can be true, however, it doesn’t support me checking in with my body and actually seeing if I am hungry. This can be a culprit to insulin sensitivity, weight around the abdomen, low energy, and imbalanced cravings.


Here is an example of the mind not being supportive. My client’s mind was hungry for something but her body didn’t need food at this point, her body needed to feel the emotions that were being covered up by grabbing a snack, meal, or a quick fix. There are usually two main leaders in your mind that are seeking control, the Critic & the Rebel. When we can identify these two and begin a different dialogue with them we will not feel as powerless in certain situations.

How to connect the Mind & Body:

  1. Am I really hungry? That is it, just really feel your stomach and connect with it. Are you eating for convenience, habit, or emotionally?
  2. FEEL the emotion behind the hunger trigger. If you catch a thought that is connected to an emotion that drives you to eat instead of feeling what needs to be felt. If you feel it you heal it. It could really be that simple for some people and we have been running from it with cookie dough and wine:)
  3. Add in physical support: Dehydration is usually a sign of misguided hunger. Drink lemon, ginger, or mint water or tea. Even a sip of veggie juice or a protein shake can help give the body a pep talk to initiate TRUE hunger.
  4. Discover your WHY & shift your dialogue? My rebel’s name is Sammantha, (also the fake name I use to give when I was younger) she is a hoot. She is demanding and wants to have it all when she wants it:) So, for many, many years I tried to control her and refuse her, only to leave us both feeling exhausted, malnourished, frustrated and hungry for food and life. Now, when she roars, I say, yes of course we want that, THEN pause. That is is it. Just pause. Give it some space and room, then discuss what do you truly need. Most of the times, it is a hug, water, 5 minute nap, or the dark chocolate:) Oh, and that critic, he/she is an A**hole. This voice is from a lifetime of looking for approval from friends and family, only to never feel like I am enough. This voice can be loud and debilitating for me. My mentor Loci, helped me tame it by saying to it, you are only needed if the information you are providing is helpful. Work with your critic and reveal whose voice(s) it really is. As these voices try to control, keep referring back to your WHY. My WHY is to feel connected to my WHOLE self and show up completely & authentically with all that I got, that is my addiction for helping me tame my rebel, Sammantha & not eat chocolate (or wine, I told she is a hoot) for every meal, and not kick my A**hole critics butt.
  5. Add in supportive supplements: When you are having a tough time connecting to your gut’s hunger signals try experimenting with supplements and noticing how your body responds to them. Some of my favorite include: Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Triphala, Magnesium, L-Glutamine, B-complex, Spirulina, and many herbs that sing to you.

Please keep being patient and kind with all the parts of yourself. I will leave you with this question, when was the last time you heard your spirit growl for more life, and how did you respond?

You have permission to roar loudly,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


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