Daily nudges for a healthier year

You know how when you try to do too much in one day, you feel overwhelmed. I think we are all learning that subtle changes help us stay more consistent and receive more results. Just like the turtle wins the race analogy.

Here are a few nudges to help you make subtle changes:

1. Throw away expired supplements: If they are over 6 months old, throw them away. You deserve the best and it is time to release what is not serving you.
2. Take your supplements: Put them in a place that will help you implement them into your day.
3. Eat breakfast within one hour of waking: The best breakfast meals to begin your healthy day are; eggs & veggie scramble, protein shake, nuts and fruit, Vegetable smoothie. If you are not eating breakfast, I recommend Omega-3 fish oil BEFORE you drink your coffee or tea.
4. Think of the big picture: Don’t sweat the small stuff, however think of the reasons why you want to be healthy. Examples: To contribute to serving your family or others, be more active after work, healthier moods, or feel confident in your clothes (or without clothes:)
5. Healthy sleep environment: I definitely notice the difference when I am in front of electronics prior to bed. Try to make your sleep environment a sanctuary for your rest and recovery.

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Nudge ya later,
Heather Fleming
Founder of Conscious Nutrition &
Author of the “Have it ALL Diet”

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