Do you crave hot & sweet?

I watched many of my peers discuss about how we should just not eat sugar and avoid all sweets. I respect their intention, but this reality isn’t very supportive and can cause shame when we try to go against nature and our needs. Sweet is one of the main taste buds on our tongue and the flavor of sweet can also build tissues and calm nerves. We will discuss the difference between needing sweet vs wanting it. This blog is dedicated to all of my soul sisters and brothers who crave sweet with me.

When you deny the subtle sensation of a sweet craving, it can cause more stress than partaking in a bit of sweet. When we were hunters and gatherers we would migrate toward berries and sweeter plants to support our nervous system. The issue in today’s society is we have over sweetened and it is more difficult to notice the subtle craving.

The difference between needing and wanting can be confusing. Here are a few tips and scenarios to help you notice if you just need a little honey or you should try to steer clear from sugar.

When to add the sweet:

  1. You had an intense workout and need replenished: If you are a surfer or a hiker, you may notice after a longer session you feel a bit of a crash. There are heaps of hydration drinks to support you before, during and after. Some easy tricks that you can try at all of these times are real coconut water, honey in tea, honey in almond butter, fruits, and powdered greens mixed in water. One or more of these can support you so you don’t become too depleted.
  2. You don’t feel strong enough to not have the whole dessert. If you are over thinking dessert and are trying to will power your way through it, please, please have a bite. Enjoy it fully or share with a friend and I bet you may not need another bite.
  3. You wake up craving 35 donuts. Your body may have worked hard to detoxify through out the night, and a bit of honey in your tea or fruit in your smoothie may help you rebalance instantly versus trying to fight the sugar craving all day.

When to let the sugar go:

  1. You crave sugar after every meal. This is a sign your body isn’t absorbing nutrients efficiently, your blood sugar may be too high, you are not utilizing fat for energy and not detoxifying well. Basically your chemical processes are not working well and you need to recalibrate your meals and timing of your meals. Please reach out to a really cool nutrition supporter:)
  2. You crave sugar at the same time everyday. You stress levels are too high and you are depleting your macro and micronutrients. It could be something as easy as changing the balance of your breakfast or switching a few meals around to better support your organs.
  3. You are moody all the time and quick to react: We want you to be a happier and more intentional friend. If you tend to always feel exhausted and life is overwhelming, try reducing your sugars and add in more quality foods to help you heal and balance your neurotransmitters.

Here is one of my favorite hot and sweet meals to help us feel more balanced, grounded and nourished.

Heather’s Healthy Pancakes, video below and Click here for the full recipe,

Thank you for being hot & sweet,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


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