Counter Balance

As I was having a wonderful experience working with clients with Neurological Challenges, the word counterbalance kept coming up. Most of these clients have a stronger and weaker side, so the idea is to work opposing muscle groups, enhance balance, and create more stabilization.
With nutrition counterbalance is a perfect word. Most people are all or none personalities, and when they are “NOT” on their diet they have a feeling of failure. Another way to think of it is Counter Balance.
I WANT you to have birthday cake (my personal favorite is Carrot Cake), enjoy gourmet meals, taste different cuisines from different cultures, and LIVE. When you go to the feeling of failure you are missing out on the WHOLE experience.
I was craving a Turkey Sandwich from Board n Brew in Del Mar yesterday. This craving happens a couple times a year. After a stellar hike we headed that way. That turkey sandwich rocked my world, I felt content, satisfied, and sooo happy. If you only use your logical side of your brain and over analyze everything you have ever “heard” or read about nutrition you may be missing out on what messages and signals your body is sending you.
So to counter balance the best turkey sandwich of the century, I had a hot tea about an hour after to help my liver and digestive tract clean up any leftover debris. Dinner that night consisted of a broth soup with a bit of quinoa.
Other counter balance situations & suggestions include:
* While eating pizza, have a big veggie salad with olive oil and vinegar. The fiber in the veggies will help transport the inflammation responses occurred by the ingredients in the pizza
*If you go out for dinner during the day, try having your next meal at home with simple ingredients to give your body a rest
*When eating Mexican Food try choosing to either skip the chips or skip the tortilla.
*If you are craving something EAT IT! Go and find the healthiest version of your craving and Enjoy! If it is a consistent craving and it leaves you feeling bad, then it is time to reassess.


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