Could you be “better?”

I was having a conversation with a colleague regarding how our clients are hard enough on themselves already, so applying added pressure wasn’t our strategy. I prefer a more gentle approach with many gentle nudges:)


We tend to set expectations that we can not attain in a realistic amount of time. Some goals are placed up on a pedestal that you are constantly stressing to “get” toward and achieve.

Here are a few tips to assist you in goal setting with more consciousness.

1. Journal regarding your particular goal’s end result. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, how would your life be and feel different after you lose the 20 pounds. Take simple steps daily toward these feelings and goals.
2. Review how your daily habits & beliefs are old, sabotaging you, or just false. For example, I have to not eat after a certain time at night because I will gain weight. Be cautious of this, especially with summer approaching and longer hours of daylight. I would rather you eat in a relaxed state than rushing before a certain time of night.
3. What makes you better toward yourself or others? I personally am a better nutritionist and friend when I do a few things for myself first; meditate, drink vegetable juice or go to the ocean. So, if I am not answering your emails, I am doing one or more of these activities:)

We had a sudden death in my family back in Nebraska this month. My wonderful 79 year-old mentor passed along this handout to help us keep things in perspective during life’s journey.
21 Ways to Consider What Matters Most–by Dr. James Hollis
Author of Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life and What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life.
21 Ways to Consider What Matters Most
Cheers to conscious living,
Heather Fleming, Joyful Food Expert
Founder of the Conscious Nutrition Program
& Author of the Have it ALL Diet
“Click HERE to Have it ALL”

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  1. Hi! Do you know if your book will be in kindle option? Its almost 60 bucks to ship to mexico and i would really like to read it.

    1. Hello VL,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I have not made it kindle format yet, due to the journal. I believe we will have a portion of the book on kindle by October.