ConsciousNut’s thoughts on the Daily Plate

The government came up with another tool to support healthy eating.  The acknowledgment that things need to change is a great first step.

The breakdown and balance of macro nutrients on the plate is a good start.  One major thing I noticed is there is no white flour, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners included.  However, we have these ingredients in most of the food sources listed below. We have sugar in meat, added food coloring in dairy, rancid fats in grains, and sugar substitutes in some fruit products.  My question is how is it ok for these to be legal when it is the cause of an unhealthy society.

Have you ever had cheese or yogurt from another country?  Holy moly, it is delish and you will never want to eat “our form” of dairy again.  I remember in the 80’s our family switched from whole milk and titrated down to skim.  We experienced tummy pains and heaps of gas, which was challenging in our one bathroom home:) Other countries do not allow these preservatives in their food.  It isn’t the calories that are killing us, it is what these foods have been restructured to include.

To implement a bit more consciousnutiness with the plate, let’s go a couple steps further.  In my nutrition coaching business, I see heaps of success when people journal their food choices and how they feel after these meals.

When you are craving a meat meal, ConsciousNut recommends to have less starch, more veggies and ALWAYS have healthy fat.  When craving a healthy grain meal, we recommend to have less protein, Always veggies and always healthy fat.  Fruit and dairy are a side dish and are best alone, since they consist of sugar and cause stomach issues during digestion of the other macro nutrients.  To learn more about these suggestions, check out our Conscious Guide Book, located on this website.
Have a wonderful day.

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