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* Three Month;One-on-One Support*

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We believe in implementing gentle changes to observe how YOUR body responds. During these three months we will uncover what your body needs to live your best self.

This includes the Complete Conscious Nutrition process with meal planning, supplement protocol, bi-weekly follow-ups, recipes and emotional support.

The support that has helped uncover habits and patterns the most, is the daily journal you will share with me.

We will track YOUR body and emotions each day to better understand what organs need more nourishment, self-care and supplements.

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* What Clients Are Saying*

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“Heather’s journaling program is my key to success.  Imagine, a cheerleader, nutrition guru and a kind, compassionate and fun voice in your inbox everyday.  

I am so so grateful to Heather for her insights and to be able to have her voice in my world everyday is just amazing. With a demanding job and a long history of being challenged by my eating and negative self-talk, it’s wonderful to find a tool that has such an impact on my wellness.  The journal is about the WHOLE you which is what makes it so unique and special and unlike anything out there. From tracking lemon water in the morning to how I slept the journal is about so much more than what I eat.  

To get notes back each day about how Beautiful my meal was or something to try to help improve my sleep to a big WHOO HOO because I had a breakthrough, it all moves my wellness forward in the most kind and gentle yet powerful way.  Working with Heather is a true gift.  You deserve it!” ~P.G.