How to Begin your Conscious Nutrition Journey…

We are excited for you to put an extra emphasis on your nutrition and health. We believe it is a constant and consistent journey of self learning and awareness. Our bodies want to be healthy and vibrant. It is our responsibility to pay attention to its needs and implement nutrition and self care practices sooner rather than later.

Whether or not you have previously participated in a nutrition program, we can support you with tools to expand and release the ‘rules’ that are holding you back so you can make easy, gentle changes.

This is not a diet or an all or none approach. We use customized programs, meal plans, recipes, journals, videos, email and phone support to help you observe your body.

We believe you are the guru of your body, and we are here to support you to learn more about yourself.

Please begin with an initial consult: $75 for 30 minutes. You will receive our Conscious Nutrition Program eBook and individual guidance.

If you decide to continue with one of our programs, we will deduct the initial consult from the program’s price.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward helping you increase your nutrition awareness.


Schedule Your
Conscious Session

An initial Conscious Session is $75 for 30 minutes. You will receive our Conscious Nutrition Program eBook and individual guidance to begin. Once you have purchased the session, you will receive an email with scheduling instruction.

BE a Groupie of YOU!

Become part of the community! Receive all that is included in the Seasonal Program in a group setting with one introductory call to help you begin!

Seasonal program: (3-months & begin ANY time):

Annual group program:

One-hour Nutrition Intuition Consultation:

We are happy to help you connect deeper to yourself with an one-hour consult. Please arrive with an open mind to release any old patterns and resistance that is interfering


Three Month One-on-One Support

We believe in implementing gentle changes to observe how YOUR body responds. During these three months we will uncover what your body needs to live your best self.
This includes the Complete Conscious Nutrition process with meal planning, supplement protocol, weekly follow-ups, recipes and emotional support.