A Nutrition Program for REBELS

Welcome to the Conscious Nutrition's
Nourish to Flourish program

Are you exhausted hearing about the latest extreme diet trends?

Are you confused about how to listen to your body?

Are you DONE dieting, yet want to support your OWN body?

As a recovering perfectionist and obsessive foodie in search of the perfect diet, I want to share how we can learn to totally trust our inner wisdom. Food is AMAZING, it offers us energy, comfort, relief, connection with friends.

So why do we sometimes REBEL or feel out of control with it at times? 

Hint. There is NOTHING wrong with you and there isn’t anything MORE you need to do.

If you are ready to dive deeper into the relationship with yourself and have food be ONE small part of it, I am so excited to meet and co-create with you!

As a fellow rebel, don't you dare tell me what to do.

Instead, let's BE-friend our REBEL and take baby steps.

The intention of this one-year process is for you to feel more fully connected and free in your body.

Learning about your self is a consistent journey, and expanding your consciousness on how you are responsible to yourself IS the program. When you enhance and shift your mind set, then the facts are easier to clarify.

We don’t get there, we are already there. Past programming, old beliefs, habits, and resistance can hold us back from feeling self-trust. As your observe your unfolding, shifting of beliefs, feeling new feelings and discover what truly nourishes you, your program will develop right before your eyes.

Some of the Heart Work tools we use to help you feel into your nutrition program are:

Meditation, Visualization, RESTING, experiments with different modalities and certain foods or timing of your favorite foods, breath work, laughter, reading certain books, writing exercises, journaling, and movement.

You Are the Program.


Conscious Nutrition’s
Nourish to Flourish

If you are a person who wants to be connected to their nutrition process by liberating yourself from following restricted programs for the rest of your life, welcome to Conscious Nutrition.

If you are done watching your weight, done trying to follow a program that worked for you the first time, but now not the second or third or fourth, we are here to support your continuing evolution. As we reevaluate our lives every night when we put our head on our pillow, we need to reconnect with our body and well being.

I created this year-long structure to help you feel SAFE, while you discover what some of the underlying needs, frustrations and disconnect is happening in your subconscious. 

This isn’t a process where you feel ‘off or on’ your program. I truly believe that extreme programs have caused disease and weight gain. When we are on the extreme programs, we are not using our reasoning or intuition. 

This lifeline process is all about you staying connected with yourself and this is how we do it.. (insert music lyrics here)

What's Included In Your Yearly Package:

Personal Support with Heather

Personal & Group Support

We will have an initial and closing one-on-one call! You will complete an initial intake form and during this call, we will re-group your priorities, and review symptoms that could be nagging you.

ALSO! Twice a year, you will submit an one-week journal for me to review and send you feedback. Our needs, lives and bodies change and this resource can support you to re-align!

SEASONAL Group Programs~2021

Each quarter we will have a LIVE-Group program. The other months will be a group Healthy Happy Hour on the subjects listed below.
What makes this membership different than others? Is you are working with your OWN Food Relationship Type and discovering how to have a responsive, fully resourced and healthy psyche!

I have planned and created these to help you to FEEL connected to your body. The timing aligns with how our hunter and gather ancestors thrived and lived.

Monthly Healthy Happy Hours

Each month we connect to help you stay connected to each important baby step you take. Below are the topics for each month's call.

Master Class of YOU!

This resource is available for you anytime. We review the major points of this program together twice a year. There are short tutorial videos, recipe videos and emotional support.

Community Support!

The very active Facebook group includes heaps of live videos from me, recipe ideas from other members and nourishment tips to keep you inspired all year long.

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