What are the REAL results you want to LIVE?

This is not a 30 day diet or another quick fix, this is the information you have been searching for to trust yourself wholly! 

As a recovering perfectionist and obsessive foodie in search of the perfect diet, I want to share how we can learn to totally trust our inner wisdom. Food is AMAZING, it offers us energy, comfort, relief, connection with friends, so why do we sometimes feel out of control with it? If you are ready to dive deeper into the relationship with yourself and have food be ONE small part of it, I am so excited to meet and co-create with you.

Now is the time for you to be committed to your own individual and authentic process.

The intention of your process is for you to feel more fully connected and free in your body.

 Learning about your self is a consistent journey, and expanding your consciousness on how you are responsible to yourself IS the program. When you enhance and shift your mind set, then the facts are easier to clarify

We don’t get there, we are already there. Past programming, old beliefs, habits, and resistance can hold us back from feeling self-trust. As your observe your unfolding, shifting of beliefs, feeling new feelings and discover what truly nourishes you, your program will develop right before your eyes.

You are the program.

Some of the Heart Work tools we use to help you feel into your nutrition program are:

Meditation, Visualization, RESTING, experiments with different modalities and specific foods, breath work, laughter, reading certain books, writing exercises, journaling, and movement.


Musings from Bonnie R:

Thank you for holding the space for me until I was able to step into it.  Love you forever!


Conscious Nutrition’s Membership Programs

with The Conscious Nutrition Channel–Tune in to yourself!

If you are a person who wants to be connected to their nutrition process by liberating yourself from following restricted programs for the rest of your life, welcome to the Conscious Nutrition Channel.

If you are done watching your weight, done trying to follow a program that worked for you the first time, but now not the second or third or fourth, we are here to support your continuing evolution. As we reevaluate our lives every night when we put our head on our pillow, we need to reconnect with our body and well being.

This lifeline process is all about you staying connected with yourself and this is how we do it.. (insert music lyrics here)

Personal Support:  

A personal call every quarter: This call is all about you with me. We will uncover what your mind and body needs to be in the body you desire. 

SEASONAL Group Programs:

Each quarter you will experiment with your body with the 3-week RESET &/or 5-day Jump START programs

Monthly Q & A’s (Heather’s Healthy Happy Hours) & Guest Speakers from different conscious healing modalities
Each month I will conduct a Healthy Happy hour that consists of 20-30 minutes of sharing a topic that has come up from the support group, then we will have Q & A regarding any questions you have about anything.
I LOVE learning about other mind and body healing modalities. Each month I will interview an expert who is will be an inspiration and asset to your life. At the end of the interview you will be able to ask any questions.

25 NEW recipes every season 

Intuitivarian 22-day DIY anytime you need your own lift me up

Why?: Twenty-two days of videos, tips, recipes and tools to support strengthening your intuition. 

Conscious Nutrition Books

~Private Facebook group to answer any questions

~Updates and discounts on supplements

~Discounted extra private sessions & Journal feedback

~PLUS Bonuses! Because I know me and will not be able to hold back the nourishment. 

Upgraded versions every season to keep your process spicy and intuitive.

Apply SCIENCE to your body with the 3-Steps to Make ANY Meal Plan work for you. 


for your Annual Membership! 



or quarterly payment plan

$555 every 3 months!