Conscious Nutrition’s thoughts on the 4-hour Body Diet

Hello Conscious Eater’s,
I have a few clients/friends giving the 4 hour Body Diet a go. I have seen a few people totally succeed by FOLLOWING the meal plan quite intensely. I have seen a few people give up do to the restrictive food choices.
The 4-hour body is written by Tim Ferris. The book is GOOD, very comprehensive, and right on. If you love details and the why’s, this is the book for you. If you like to be less rigid with your eating and lifestyle then it may not be your cup of tea.
The major difference about his program and the Conscious Nutrition program is that it doesn’t address listening to your body’s signals. I believe our bodies are dynamic and ever changing. We have to ADAPT daily and not just have the once a week binge session.
However if you want to push your comfort zone and try new things, give it a whirl, just remember you are human and life isn’t so black and white, and wow, beans can get a bit boring:)
Enjoy life and I bet your body will choose foods that it enjoys and nourishes itself.

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