Conscious Nutrition vs. Weight Watchers

I adore Weight Watchers for a few reasons. It assists people in the beginning of their journey by helping them learn about food groups, portion sizes, and accountability. However, my desire is for people to upgrade their current meals to foods that offer more nutrition and healing capabilities.

Most foods that come in a box are processed and contain low nutritional value. These factors cause systemic inflammation in the body, which is a stress factor that leads to low energy and disease.

Conscious Nutrition recommends NOT to count calories or points, however to balance your macronutrients. We do this by calculating your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate, which is your energy output), activity level, Body Type, Blood Type, and other health factors to discover your bodies desired energy output. Then we balance your Protein, Carbohydrates, & Fats throughout your entire day. By using the Conscious Nutrition Exchange Range you are able to keep track of your food in an efficient and empowering manner. If you go off balance, we teach you how to balance out the next day or your entire week.

The other best tool is to learn your body’s subtle messages. These messages are key to enhancing your energy and vitality. Your body want to be perfectly healthy and understanding how it communicates this to you is key. When you begin to trust your body you will crave whole foods and be guided toward your natural instinct.

Make it a great day,
Heather Fleming

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  1. Heather, second day on my renewal program. I had a great pear and strawberry salad and sprouts and avacado with it. Feeling better than yesterday, less fatigue, more energy, no headache.