Are you OBSESSING over what to eat at every meal?

Do you feel like you have been riding on a ROLLER COASTER of different diets?

Do you feel OVERWHELMED, BLOATED, OVERWEIGHT and crave sugar right after you eat?


The Conscious Nutrition RESET Program will give your mind and body a 3-week break so you can refocus on how to implement quality meals that satiate you as well as nourish your body.

We will be providing you with simple nutrition upgrades:

  • So your organs can naturally CLEAR out toxins your body has built up from undigested foods and stress from 2018!

  • To dial in what you need for grocery shopping, meal planning and learn how to listen to what YOUR body needs.

  • Start fresh with NO more restrictive and extreme dieting.

  • After 3-weeks you will notice your body recalibrating and relieve some symptoms that were causing you low energy, digestive issues, headaches and strong cravings.

What's Included?


  • We will be adding in the Conscious Nutrition Meal types, whole food smoothies and supplements as your support your digestion and body to assimilate vitamins and minerals.


  • We will be supporting your digestion and liver by focusing on certain Meal Types, recipes, simple supplement suggestions and shifting our mindsets.


  • We will bring certain foods back in one by one every 48 hours so you can observe your body’s signals with each food.

What will you take away from your 3-weeks of Conscious Nutrition?

There are a lot of intense cleanses out there, they do work and can help your body, however, gentle shifts will take you the extra mile. When we learn more about our bodies we will feel empowered with our everyday choices.

We will set you up for success by sending you the information early so you can begin the process of shifting your mentality. We meet every week to review the material and the calls are recorded for your listening convenience. You will join the Conscious Nutrition private Facebook community where you will receive consistent daily support from me and other members who have rocked the RESET every year to strengthen their nutrition intuition.

I cannot thank you enough for ALL that you’ve done for me over the last few years!I have learned so much about nutrition and what works best for my body. I remember meeting you a few years ago and it didn’t take long for me to start feeling healthy and alive again!You have given me so many tools to use to make healthy decisions and have always been there to support me going through the process.I recently completed the 3-week reset program and loved it!It was a challenge, but the results were phenomenal! Being allowed time to ease out of bad habits and re-introduce healthy ones worked for me. I didn’t feel rushed through the program, therefore no stress about obtaining the goals of the reset. I never felt depleted, but reinvigorated throughout the process. I had more energy and slept better as a result. The added bonus was a few pounds lost! I would highly recommend this program to your new clients and for anyone who needs a reset every now and then.I love working with you and your support is always genuine and reassuring. You have changed my life! Thank you for doing what you do!

Love and Blessings,

Rachel R.

You receive so many support tools!

The early bird gets more veggies!

Please sign up a week early to receive more information to help you mentally prepare to make conscious changes!

Pay In Full

Lifetime Access

If you are ready to RESET and the finances are not aligning, we want to support you with the payment plan option.

Payment Plan

Lifetime Access
$111 3 monthly payments