Conscious Nut in Palm Springs

I wanted to share my beautiful and nourishing day with the world.  I had the pleasure of spending time with my friend David Clemmons, founder of Voluntourism, before he moves to Jordan, yes the country:)

David’s vision for Voluntouism is merging the energies of travel with service, and adding in nourishing yourself.  The goal isn’t to be a missionary and give all you got and then come back depleted.  It is about putting your oxygen mask on first, then going to be of service in a more WHOListic way.  I am blessed to be a part of this pioneered path to offer conscious nutrition’s philosophy.

I had such a simple realization, Conscious Nutrition doesn’t have the answers, however we meet you exactly where you are at, then guide you to where you want to go.  There is no protocol, no exact program, no formula, it is self awareness, joy, and self-love.  You can not get mad at yourself to be thinner, more loving, kinder, wealthier, this is insane.  Starting with being kind to yourself, will naturally lead you to nourishing yourself and making the conscious choices that will guide you toward the healthiest version of you.

Our trip to Palm Springs was a mini Voluntourism event.  We hiked 4 hours in the morning to nourish our bodies, then off to visit Greg Alario for a lunch that was out of this world. The weather was hot, so Greg intuitively knew we needed cooling foods after our hike. Greg is an amazing health coach, chef, inspirational being, and walking the talk.  He went to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables, avocados, incredible spicy goat cheese, and drizzles with olive oil.  This meal satisfied me for hours, due to the beautiful conversation that came with it.

We will be testing the Voluntours soon, and will keep you posted on how your beauty can serve others.

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