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I miss you. I have been taking time away from my computer and business while supporting family and navigating all that is going on inside my psyche and in our world.

Currently, I am on week 3 of my 3-week road trip in my RV visiting friends and exploring North Carolina. I LOVED every minute of this trip and couldn’t have anticipated so much love and support. Especially after the 4 days of swimming in the ocean, my mermaid tail is rehydrated.

We have met people who EAT all different types of diets. One was Keto and non-lectins, one was Vegetarian, one was diet coke all day, one was a vegan and now has an entire pig in the freezer.

When I first started teaching nutrition, I was very logical, scientific and black and white. Eat this not that, calorie counting, journal your food and you will be successful.

Well, a couple of years into my career, I realized there is no perfect diet.

However, if you believe there is a perfect diet, you will continue to search and seek it. And what I have noticed, most people, myself included, were left feeling confused, disappointed and upset if they couldn’t stay on it perfectly.

I use to expend so much energy judging my choices and cravings while seeking the perfect diet. Now, this energy is put into other aspects of my life. Such as being more present to support my family, my pooch and my friends going through hard times.

Being obsessed with my diet was only sabotaging me to live a less intimate life. It was a survival mechanism for me to control my emotions and those people around me. (another blog in the future:)

Some days, you may need meat, some days your digestion is wicked tired and you may need to eat light, or even practice Intermittent Fasting.

In my upcoming one-week course, you will DISCERN WHEN to practice all of these tips for your own body.

Your body wants to lead you.

Your body wants to be healthy and harmonious

Your mind wants to be calm and relaxed around your food and health.

I would love to GIVE you my Conscious Cravings book for FREE!

This book was a passion project for me to help others interpret what their cravings are telling them both physically and emotionally. Instead of denying our needs, we are committed to understanding them with heaps of patience and compassion. Just like we treat our cute animals and children. 

For example:

CHOCOLATE is awesome. If you are obsessively craving it every day at 3 pm, your body is in need of other support and nourishment.

I have observed besides our magnesium being low, physically, you may lack absorption of essential fatty acids.

Emotionally, you may need a bit more NEW, healthy mental stimulus (not your screen time) in your life. Head to a museum or try a new body awareness class.

It is all about COMPLEMENTING the chocolate with more Magnesium-rich foods such as leafy greens while adding in quality Omega-rich foods.

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To learn more about your cravings, Download my FREE (until August 1st) Cravings Book here.

If you want to learn even MORE about yourself, join me LIVE for this Summer’s one-week Appetizer course.

We help you tune back into YOU by experimenting with a few nutrition philosophies.

That is the ONLY diet that works, the one that you and your body do in unison.

  • We taste-test more Vegetarian Meals for a week.
  • We taste-test some white fish meals.
  • We add in the Feel Your Meal process before each meal or grocery shop.
  • We experiment with separating our Proteins & Starches to observe our digestion.
  • We notice ALL of the internal voices in our heads such as the REBEL and the CRITIC.
  • We taste-test a day of Intermittent Fasting ONLY when it emotionally and physically aligns. Only YOU know!

Email me back here with any questions or sign up below and see you soon!

We begin on July 12th, meeting every other day. All calls are recorded for your listening convenience.

And a reminder to join my private Facebook community here. This is the best place to ask me questions and interact with other nourishers.

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Thank you for your continuous support.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

P.S. Did you grab my NEW Meals & Feels recipe book yet?

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P.S.S. YouTube has heaps of cooking videos to help ignite your digestive juices.

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