What is your Commitment Level & Conscious Cereal

Remember that one eating plan that worked the best, but when you try to go back on it, it doesn’t quite work the same? Was it the program that worked or was it your commitment level?

This last week I noticed myself wanting to become both an US deserter and a passionate citizen using my voice to share my views and keep choosing love. I decided after a few days to become and commit to the latter. (Disclaimer; unless I feel unsafe or I meet a gorgeous foreign man to take me away.)

The gift to commit to something bigger than the problem will fix the pain of living half-hearted or half-assed and this is far greater than ANY failure or living in fear.

My clients achieve results when many variables align such as:

  1. When they decide to focus on what is truly important: They put the scale in the closet and focus on their health and mental well being. When you focus on adding nourishment, quality, and vibrant foods, the other foods fall away. They also have their eye on the prize of creating a mindful relationship with food, and will not let anything stand in their way.
  2. Their mind set is ready to take on a new project or program: They are using more of the curious mind vs. the mind that acts like it knows everything already. They don’t begin practicing a new philosophy on a day when they are jam packed and don’t have support lined up.
  3. Don’t hold back: You hear the inner calling coming up from the inside of your being and you know that this is going to be the moment where you shine. You begin a NEW habit that supports your mind, body and spirit. Such as; a new dance class, cooking class, painting project, and the relationships around you change.
  4. Refine Your Goals: If you only have been focused on your weight and physical body, try adding in emotional goals, career goals, new holiday retreats or volunteer projects. Every month, journal the top 10 things that will improve your life and well being. Then set up baby steps toward these outcomes. Revisit every month and monitor your commitment to these.
  5. Choose how to mindfully keep yourself accountable: Phone a friend, get a new book or phone App, or of course hire someone:) And make sure you add in extra self compassion as you watch all of those thoughts that most likely are causing you to get off track.

Speaking of, I have been holding back on how I work my business. I have slacked on blogging, group programs, and promoting my services. Why? Here are a few of my mental musings that held me back:

  1. There are 50 million nutritionists out there now
  2. I didn’t know how I want to shine my light and market
  3. I was feeling a bit stuck
  4. I don’t want to be a talking head on youtube
  5. My clients need more than just me

I am still uncertain on how to pursue it all, but a shift in perspective can support your truth and now I feel a new sense of strength and clarity.

So, to get the ball rolling for 2017, I upgraded my 5-day Jump Start Program to 10 days. YES! We all need more support over the weekend and not just during the week. These 10 days in a row will help reshape your intentions and connection with food and your body.

Let’s all decide to live all out! Please join me for 10 days in a row, beginning January 2nd-January 11th. The calls are videoed and recorded for your convenience. I am going to take a poll for the best times for everyone and then announce it. Please sign up here: NEW! 10-Day Jump Start Program

2017, here we come!

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

P.S. Conscious Cereal Recipe: Many of my clients are craving crunch and comfort right now. Cereal was part of most of our childhood, there was something comforting about cereal at times. However, we are playing adults and need more nourishment than the cardboard taste and rush it use to provide us.



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