Checking In With Your Body Does The Meal Planning For You

Planning meals can be challenging and there are times you don’t even want to step into the kitchen. Before you order out or make a bag of popcorn for dinner, try a few of these simple steps to get rid of too much mental chatter regarding the good ‘ole question of “What should you eat?”

Most of us tend to be “do’ers” instead of “be’ers”. We need to spend less time in doing mode and let our intuition lead. Over doing it keeps you in fight or flight and can get those stress hormones ignited that cause disease and belly fat.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with what to eat give this a try:
1. Take 5 deep breaths. If you are alone, put your hand on your heart and belly to connect with your body. If you are out to eat, just breathe as you are looking at the menu.

2. Ask yourself if you need hot or cold food and sweet or savory? This helps you feel your body instead of using the mind that gets tired and overworked.

3. Take a look at our Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book and choose some meals that fit the different categories of hot or cold and sweet or savory. Having your “safe” meals on hand weekly during challenging days will help you feel supported.

4. When you go grocery shopping, have your list, however do the 5 deep breath practice as you go up the aisles to tune in what your body needs. Some weeks you may crave more or less meat than other weeks, so having it on hand will save you an extra step.

5. VARIETY. If I could only say one thing to people is that we CRAVE variety. Our taste buds want to be satiated. One trick I use is going through the list of different ethnic foods: Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, etc., this will spice up your weekly meals and give you more flavor.

Please share any of your meal planning tricks with us.

I am on my way to the Omega Institute for a retreat with Jon Gabriel. I will be taking off a two weeks of blogging and pick back up in September.

We have a few group programs coming up in the fall.The RESET program begins September 14th & The Jump Start Program begins October 19th

Have a wonderful end of summer!
Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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