Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Health

I talk about food, research health and science, review daily food logs, and still some of my clients get sick, don’t lose weight and get frustrated.

So, if there are 24 hours in the day and let’s say you spend 3 hours preparing and eating food, and 2 hours exercising, what are you doing the other 19 hours of the day?

Your thoughts could be sabotaging you.  As you are preparing food, driving to exercise by mindful of how you are thinking.  If you keep having repetitive negative thoughts you are going to see negative results.

Yes, I am even counting sleep. If you have consistent restless night sleeps then your body is experiencing anxiety and stress.  This will not support you during your waking hours to make conscious decisions.  What are your dreams relaying to you? They could be giving you messages or helping you process some obstacles holding you back.

So, I can offer guidance and suggestions toward health and wellness, but I can’t go into your mind and change the thoughts and perceptions that are holding you back from achieving the WELL ness you want!

Become the Master of Your Mind!  Be conscious and BE EASY on yourself during this.


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