Certain foods combine better with others

Certain foods just go together like almond butter and jelly. For my clients and I, it is mostly about temperature, flavor, and texture.

And the other main focus is what our digestive system can take in and on at certain times.

You know the feeling when certain food combinations don’t ‘feel’ right to you? Besides our personal preferences, most likely this is a sign that your gut isn’t able to efficiently digest the combo at this time.

For example, yogurt and fruit. I had a client who was eating this combo almost every day for breakfast. It isn’t that this combo is bad or wrong, she wanted a quick meal that would sustain her through the morning. Some mornings she wanted something warm, crunchy, savory, and rich, but she didn’t choose this because she thought the yogurt and fruit would be better for her health and body.

Each time she chose the yogurt/fruit and NOT what her body was signaling her to eat, she would MALNOURISH her body. When I dove into research to create the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree, standard diets were focusing on low-nutrient, low-calorie, and convenient foods. The main branches of the tree contain higher nutrient-dense foods that most people are not eating enough of or not combining correctly.

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Conscious Nutrition Food Tree (TM)

On the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree (CN Food Tree), fruit and dairy do not combine well together at the frequency most people choose them.


Fruit contains fructose and dairy contains lactose. These two sugars combined together can cause heartburn and bloat. The CN Food Tree recommends combining most fruits (except high-water content fruits eat alone for example; watermelon & grapes) with healthy fats to help balance blood sugar and hormones.

Dairy combines better on the right side of the tree with some proteins if your stomach acid is functioning well. My personal favorite protein/dairy combos are salmon and feta and Lentils topped with whole-fat yogurt.

Most of the popular eating styles are trying to help balance macronutrients. Some of us were taught and were eating too many low-quality macronutrients. Initially, when you jump into a macronutrient-focused eating plan, you may notice more energy and weight release. However, over time, it may not be sustainable because we aren’t learning how to combine ALL of the important macro & micronutrients.

Also, there is that comfort eating thing. Anyone else comfort eat or just me? Comfort eating is a definitely something I do when things feel overwhelming and disempowering. When you need and CHOOSE comfort, awesome. How much judgement and guilt do you feel? Slather yourself in self-compassion and here are a few tips while doing so.

  1. Feel the Feeling before FILLING Full: If you had a heck of day, feeling overwhelmed and want that mac-n-cheese, take the 5 deep breaths first, name the main emotion you are feeling before you eat. Most of us want to escape and numb out, especially in the state of stress that is happening in the world. You are not alone, and to be the best advocate for yourself, keep practicing, try to unravel where the guilt orginated and what you truly desire to feel more fulfilled.
  2. Take a look at the Food Tree and Meal Types: For example, the mac-n-cheese is a sure YES, can you go dairy-free and do a plant-based version? Or if you want the dairy, can you skip the gluten and do a gluten free or bean version pasta? It feels so much more supportive when you take the time to choose what completely nourishes you.
  3. Are you Rebelling? As your fellow rebel nutritionist, are you shutting down your needs? Sometimes you feel they will never be met, so why bother? If you pause and take a moment to provide your needs for yourself, what you may need is a good cry, phone call with a friend, scream in your car or a glass of water.

If none of these aren’t you, cool. You may have a more balanced relationship with food, then some of us. Try this simple, visual tool can help ease bloating and make your meal planning life a bit easier.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about the CN Food Tree and your relationship with how you choose food, join my LIVE Free 5-day course, beginning April 12th – April 17th (all recorded for your listening convenience) to help you experiment with the four different CN Meal Types.

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