Mung Bean Soup

This soup is very cleansing for your liver and kidneys. It will help remove heat, mucus, and inflammation from your organs.

Blended Veggie Juice

One of my favorites. This will grow on you, and you may actually crave this. It took me awhile to figure out the consistency of this recipe, if you want it thinner, add more ice or water.

Thai Spring Rolls

These fresh spring rolls can satisfy your crunch craving and give you an extra serving of veggies for the day. Rice wrappers are minimal starch.

Granola! It’s Time To Make Your Own …

I tend to see people over consume breads, cereals, and grains. It isn’t that you can never have these foods again, however when you eat these foods and your body was in dire need of proteins, vegetables and fat, then your body is deprived until it receives these nutrients.

Shredded Carrot Salad

We had a post on cravings earlier this week, well let me tell you, I crave this side dish! Trader Joe’s has broccoli and carrot shredded in a to go bag for more convenience.