Cafe Gratitude & Be Love

I had the honor to be a part of the extended Cafe Gratitude family this past weekend. A very courageous and amazing person is taking the Cafe Gratitude concept and business model to my beloved Midwest. He is the new co-owner of this beautiful concept and be looking for the new store opening in February, 2012 in Kansas City.

Cafe Gratitude is not just a restaurant, however it is a way of being. We had a gorgeous dinner made of raw, vegan, and wholesome ingredients. Topped off with organic wine and of course dessert.

Cafe Gratitude has a item on the menu called the “Grateful Bowl”, while dining you can purchase this for a person who can not afford a healthy meal. Cafe Gratitude purposefully opens their restaurant in a location of less options of organic produce and educates their new community. You can not go wrong with the pay it forward concept.

I will be heading to Maui in December and exploring their organic farm called Be Love. This will nourish my soul so I can come back to the new year and do my best to nourish others.

Below is our dishes.
I am Happy,

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